The Qt3 L4D Newegg Wanfest tournament thread

Just to make this a bit more organized, let’s have the tournament discussion in this thread.

The two teams are QT3 1, with captain Cyntax, and Qt3 2, with captain NotOneOfUs (it was EFG, but apparently I’m captain now? No idea what happened there).

We both have games scheduled at 8PM Central tomorrow, as listed in Group C.

Players from each team should report in if they’re be able to play.

Copy+Paste from other thread:

All players must be on and ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match time; teams must idle in on to facilitate communication and server assignments.

I made you captain because I won’t be able to play tuesday night. Ransom’s brother will be taking my place, and you probably don’t want some third-degree acquaintance being the captain.

To access the network, simply open your mIRC client and type “/s” followed by “/j”. Administrators will be available during all scheduled matches. Please note that if a dispute arises, it must be filed either via support ticket or on IRC at half-time or directly after the match.

I’m going to sound really stupid here, where do I access a mIRC from?

Also as I mentioned in chat, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow barring an emergency if Lazy can’t make it I’ll call out.

Good catch, copet.

Everyone, make sure you go over the Rules and Competition Guide so we don’t end up disqualifying ourselves somehow.

EFG: according to the bracket listing, if we survive, the next game after Monday’s isn’t until Thursday at the same time.

Jab: you fruitcake, you’ve never used IRC? mIRC is a program for it, the most common.

I work Thursday too so it still applies.

EDIT: And hey we’re both in the same group. Guess that means we’ll see you guys in the finals!

I totally thought the thread title said “wankfest”.

I thought it said “wangfest.”

LSB, Pyrhic, and I have all confirmed, and I assume Trey should be able to since he is captain! Let’s meet up in the Qt3 L4D chat whenever you guys happen to get on (Before 745pm cst). From there, we can sacrifice a goat or something, and wish each other good luck. I don’t know if we are lucky that we got a game, or unlucky cause we didn’t get one of the NUMEROUS byes. I guess playing is what we wanted ;)

The rules are somewhat…bizarre. So we’re supposed to switch sides every round(on a new map, you play whatever you played as at the end of last map), which invalidates the score the game keeps. So I’m guessing we manually add up the scores from each round??

For the first round, Qt3 1 gets to choose which side they want to play first, Qt3 2 doesnt. I think if you get the side choice, you’re best off going infected - means you play infected first on maps 1, 3 and 5, and as survivor first on maps 2 and 4.

Everyone also needs to screenshot end screens and record videos. I assume screenshot is just prntscrn, but anyone know how to record in this game?

ugh, i had forgotten what kind of bs gets involved in ‘organized’ play…

Doesn’t taking demos/recording video really lag? They should just have us take video if there is some action happening that we think is illegal… I can’t believe they would require every single player to take a demo… we can ask about it in that irc channel I guess.

I’ve done it before in several games, and I’ve never seen it cause any real lag. Hopefully l4d is the same. In my experiences, it was largely used to defend a player accused of cheating - typically if it cannot be produced when demanded, the team is forfeit - however, it was very rarely asked for(I can think of only one case in perhaps 3 or 4 years of playing TWL - maybe in CAL it’s more common).

Uh yeah doesn’t FRAPS cost money? Plus it delivers a large performance hit to be recording while playing as well.

I know you could record via console, but I still worry about it stuttering.

I’m idling in chat on irc and qt3 l4d channel right now. Just make sure you are there on time. If you think of the odds, there is a good chance the other team wont show… so we gotta make sure we are there on time :)

Also, remember your binds for screenshot, and take a look at that link for taking videos. We all need to do both.

Plz someone rec demo these I wanna watch.
::makes popcorn waiting for the nomnomnoms:::

Something I didn’t notice before, it looks like both of our teams (and maybe all teams, I didn’t check) will be playing on No Mercy for round 1.

If you guys wanna do a No Mercy run through before hand on coop easy just to talk about parts, that might be a good idea. Or we can wing it. I don’t wanna take this too seriously if no one else does.

The more serious you take it, the more upset you’ll be when the team of 11 yr old, meth-addled, bunny-hoping freaks beats us.

For me, I have but one goal: Kill Jab first!