The Qt3 Movie Podcast 2019 Annual Make Us Watch Whatever You Want Fundraiser is in effect!


You know that podcast that me and @ChristienMurawski and @Kelly_Wand do every week? The one that gets a new thread nosing its way to the top of the Movies subforum, even if it’s something no one will ever see, like the Belgian blockbuster hit The Son?

Once a year, we turn the choice of movie over to the listeners. And that once a year is now! On our March 17th podcast, we’ll draw a winner from among all the votes, and that will be the movie for the March 24th podcast, complete with a Kellywand synopsis, a Dingus reading of the MPAA warnings, me looking up the Metacritic and Cinemascore ratings, and then all of us holding forth about it for an hour. If not more!

Just donate $1 to for a vote, and include in the comments section for your donation the name of the movie you’re picking. It can be pretty much any movie, with the caveat that there has to be a way for Kellywand to see it in Germany, where he lives. So arthouse movies currently in limited release in the US are probably off the table. Sorry If Beale Street Could Talk. :(

Because it’s raffle style, every dollar donated is a vote. So you can donate more dollars for more votes. The deadline is midnight March 17th and the winning movie will be podcasted a week later for our March 24th episode. Good luck, godspeed, and may the least worst movie win!


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Putting my post from the other thread here:


It’s always cool to listen to the lists of all the movies that people have voted for.


I chipped in a bit and my votes go to my favorite underrated movie, Danny Boyle’s Millions.


10 votes for Solarbabies (1986). I am sorry.

(Paypal made me store my credit card, but then I deleted it right after payment, so let me know if that breaks it and I’ll re-do.)


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.gif, I sure hope my votes default to The Notebook!!!


Does research…



In late but hopefully on time. Put my votes to Hunt for Red October. Thanks for all you do guys. The podcast is a joy to listen to!


I think the deadline is Sunday.

Any chance we can get a list of what’s been nominated so far?


I am nothing if not consistent, so I voted for Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning again.

Because I need to hear Kelly Wand explain this movie. (Also, making Tom watch Scott Adkins movies tickles me pink.)


I feel bad for not getting a vote in for Sorry to Bother You or The Sisters Brothers.


This year was even bigger than last year, and many of you were ridiculously generous. Like, ridiculously. Thanks so much. I think we all kind of brace ourselves mentally for a modest turnout, and then you guys knock our socks off.

If you want to know the winner of this year’s fundraiser, fast forward to the 1:43:13 mark of the Happy Death Day 2U podcast for the drawing. Before that, we go over all the votes starting at the 1:22:43 mark.

Our sincerest thanks from the three of us, who are now sockless. You guys are awesome!



Oh no, my money got refunded :-/. What went wrong?


You donated twice! The first one didn’t have a movie choice, and a second one immediately thereafter said “oh, I figured out how to name the movie, so here’s my donation for X votes”. Since each of the two donations was for $X, I figured the first was an error and refunded it. But your votes were definitely in there!



I have never watched the movie that was picked. This will give me the impetus I need to finally sit down and watch it.


Ah, I wrote an email to you regarding my first votes, but apparently that didn’t reach you. I donated twice on purpose, but at least one of them got through.


You’re all wrong. According to my crack team of highly skilled linguists it is pronounced something close to this: ʋ͡ei .nəs.

The main thing that trips people up is that there’s an emphasis in the middle, so wei.nes.