The Qt3 Top 10 Games of the Decade Voting Thread

I love this, even though I played some Switch titles that might have ended up on this list… actually, no, probably not - I can’t think of any game on another platform that would have broken 125 hours, not even Breath of the Wild, now that I think of it. So this should be very accurate for my top 10 by hours of the last decade (it helps I haven’t gotten into MMO’s in the last decade or more).

Daaaayum. I forgot about Fallout New Vegas, I guess I better update my top 10. Sorry, Dragon Quest XI, you are awesome but you are no Fallout: New Vegas.

However this plays out I just want to say our lord an savoir Deus Ex circa 2000…which I am pretty sure IIRC won the last decade Qt3 game of decade 2000-2009, was the perfect choice given the forum founder.

Right? I’m still wrangling with mine. Around 50 games to whittle down!

The format of your list is how I want to do mine too. Top 10 with honourable mentions and a list by time played! Love the recency bias chart. Noice.

It saw a lot of votes early on, but then later voters didn’t vote for it. I’m kind of rooting for it even though I haven’t played it yet.

It’s peak Fallout, in my book, even better than the classic first two entries.

Thanks, I tried a range of different ways to whittle down the longlist and to layout the results. I came up with this somewhat, err, organically.


I hope you voted for the two Skyrims separately…

That Hex number looks inflated. Maybe I left it running overnight or something?

My top games, ones I play the most, didn’t make the list. I clearly love those games, Thea, Rimworld… but I kind’ve slanted my list away from just ones I really, really like to ones I think will or have had a lasting impact of some kind.

All I can say is you guys play too much!

Yeah, I’m envious of some of their available gaming time!!

Somes games I played for hundreds of hours are not there because I didn’t play them on Steam (Guild Wars 2, Witcher 3, Grim Dawn, etc).

Same here, I am lucky if I am getting 5 hours of relax time a week, and thats for TV/Movie and Game time combined. D:

Are those counting times you log into Steam, turn the game on and not play?

I can’t imagine 300 hours (much less over 500) out of a single player game. Is there 300 hours worth of game in the first Baldur’s Gate? 722 hours in Grim Dawn? Wow.

Grim Dawn isn’t a single player game though.

It is for me. Guess I just liked all the different class combos to try out.

Slay the Spire has racked up a lot of hours for me partly because it’s good but also partly because I can play it with one hand on a mouse and one eye on a toddler.

What are you doing with your other hand and eye?

Writing a novel!

Playing Grim Dawn, clearly.