The Quarantine Switch Shortage

So, my non-gamer girlfriend is hooked on Animal Crossing on my Switch, and wants a full-blown Switch of her own (not a Lite, because she wants to play on her TV). They’re as hard to find now as they were upon release. (Aside: Crazy to see now leads with toilet paper and hand sanitizer instead of Switch and GTX 2080.)

I missed the 5 minutes Amazon had them for preorder today.

I’ll probably just give her mine until she can find one – I have plenty of other gaming hardware and Tom Nook can just cool his ass for a while on the furniture he wants me to build for him. I will miss my portable Slay the Spire, though.

I don’t suppose anyone has a Switch gathering dust that didn’t click for them that they’re not looking at as an opportunity to double their money on eBay, but would like to get their investment back? :)

I don’t have an extra Switch, but if you want to blame someone for supply problems, this kid might be a good place to start.

See what happens when parents don’t pay attention to what their kids are doing?

If this kid had been properly raised as a gamer instead of a sneakerhead, maybe the Switch shortage wouldn’t be happening.


Keep telling yourself that while Animal Crossing players gouge each other for nook to tickets in return for allowing people to sell turnips on their island.

My daughter wanted a Switch for Christmas but we steered her away from it because she’s busy and wouldn’t have had time to play it. Don’t we look like idiots now? We’ve been stuck playing our ancient Wii during this time of crisis.

Slashdot explains why there is a shortage & this is yet another pisser from this pandemic

Since Denny broached the subject, I really want to get RingFit for my kids, and those appear to be long sold out as well. I don’t suppose there’s any of you who have given it a whirl and gotten tired of it? Eh?

I have been thinking of putting mine up for sale. I rarely use it and my son uses it even less. Even so, my son wasn’t sure he wanted to part with it. I have cartridges for Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I bought it while I was in Europe in 2018. The only difference with it is it came with the Europe-style plug, but I have an adapter for it that I use. We never used it mobile so it is in good shape. If my son decides he doesn’t need it any more are you interested? I have a case for it too.

I’ve been considering getting rid of mine if I get rid of my Switch.

Hey Rob, sounds like NightGaunt and I could take your hardware off your hands. :) That Switch sounds fine; I don’t think my girlfriend will mind the plug adapter. Let us know!

Thanks, Rob! Another forum member also has one they’ve been talking about sending my way. If anything changes with that, I’ll let you know!

And thanks, @Editer, for making your request so I thought to make mine!

I’ve also been looking for Ring Fit Adventure if someone is thinking of getting rid of theirs.