The Quarter To Three Apparel Shop is open for business!

Way back in the dark ages, there were Quarter To Three shirts. These were heavy-fabric polos with fancy embroidered logos! Alas, these designs (and in my case, the shirt) were lost to time.

With Christien’s memorial and some Qt3 meetups coming up, I thought it would be great if we could get some new shirts. With @tomchick’s permission, I tweaked the logo a bit for printing and opened a Spreadshirt store with a number of Qt3 designs.

The cool thing about Spreadshirt is you can customize their designs, so you could add your forum name (and real name, if desired) on the sleeve or back. I’ve done some shirts for my improv teams and the quality is really nice. I’ll be sporting a “forest green” (in honor of Xtien) dark-outline-logo QT3 shirt with “DennyA” on the sleeve at the the memorial.

Here’s the link:

I’ve set the commission to the minimum level to keep prices down. There is a couple-bucks-a-shirt commission on these sales; I will collect any commissions that come in and donate 100% back to Quarter To Three.


If anyone wants to create logo variations, etc. and add them to the shirt collection, just PM me!

The main page displays products in seemingly random order – the Qt3 MAGA hat is mostly a joke and I certainly wouldn’t have put it on the top row – so I’d suggest using the filters like “Men - hoodies” to explore.

By the way, for old timers, there IS a polo shirt, though it’s not embroidered. :)

And here’s the Forest Green version, which was Xtien’s color of choice:

Excellent, thanks for organizing this!

I’m going to wear this and nothing else.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Sorry to barge in on your thread, but I figured I’d crosspost the other Spreadshirt campaign that’s geared more towards superfans of the movie podcast with a bit of fundraising thrown in:

Ooh, big and tall options! Bought a t-shirt and coffee mug. T-shirt has my forum name on it, so can wear it during IRL events.

I vote the luxuriously locked @ArmandoPenblade model all of these.

Quarter to Three Cinematic Universe or GTFO.

This is a great idea! I’ll now have some QT3 gear to wear to SoCal in a couple of weeks.

Funny you ask for that. Mr. Penblade has an earlier model QT3 apron if I recall correctly.

@BellaConfusione, very cool! I hadn’t seen your other campaign. Thanks for doing that! Love the design.

Indeed he does! Hah :-D

Hey that reminds me, Kenji is working on his second book. No announced date though. That first one has slowly become one of my most treasured books on cooking. Lately I’ve been reading:

Decided to fashion show my purchases in case anyone is wondering how it looks. As you can tell, my second occupation is as a hair and beard model!

What’s the font used in the logo?

Very cool, @Galadin! Which shirt color is that?

@marxeil, it’s Goudita Serial Bold.

The shirt is the Olive Green color. That is the contrast coffee mug. The one thing I wish was better is the size and placement of the logo on the coffee mug. It is very small and most mugs put a logo on the 90 degree face from the handle, not the 180 degree face.

MQt3GA ;)