The quest to get Dr Horrible on my TV

So I downloaded the complete Dr Horrible onto my desktop PC’s iTunes, and also synced it to my iPhone. Now I’d like to figure out a way to watch it on my living-room TV. Is there any way to do this short of buying Apple TV or an iPhone A/V cable?

I also looked into running the version at through my PS3’s web browser but it doesn’t support the imbedded player. So now I’m all out of ideas.

Does your PC have a TV-Out connector or adapter, and what can the TV accept for a signal?

torrent avi xvid version -> stream to ps3 or 360 (or just drop it on a usb thumb drive formatted fat32)?

Yep, the easiest way would be to torrent an unprotected version. Alternatively you can strip the DRM yourself with something like requiem, qtfairuse, etc. I don’t know much about it because I would never pay for content infected with DRM.