The ragequitting of Nightfall

Title The ragequitting of Nightfall
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When May 14, 2012

I had five or six games going when it happened. As soon as it happened, I had a few options..

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"the tenets of buddhism taught by zen masters in the far reaches of Tibet"

Zen in Tibet?

Where does a riddle have to call home within the enigma-enrobed mystery of iOS Nightfall?

At least it implies an ethos.

Play on the iPad (if you have one), the card's color icons are better there.

Sounds like yet another example of a game developed for the iPad with little or no thought given to how well it works on the iPhone. Still, the problem would have been solved if they'd just fanned the cards in the other direction. What the heck were they thinking?

Miss Chen, in the words of philosopher Gavin Rossdale, everything is zen.

Game really needs factions to make sense thematically.