The Razr is back!

Motorola is going to announce this today, but the FCC leaked all the sexy images.

IMO this is an actually compelling use of a foldable screen, unlike the others we’ve seen recently. Very curious to see impressions.

I thought the whole point of having a flip phone was to give you a larger screen? What’s the point of having a flip phone that gives you the same size of screen as you already have? Surely it isn’t much smaller than having a regular phone. Sure it’s a shorter but it’s probably thicker than a normal phone slab.

But you can fold it. Focus on the fold!

Shorter but twice as thick is a reasonable tradeoff in my mind. Big slab phones are starting to get too big for my pockets.

Supposedly as thick as the old 2004 razr which was a pretty good size (it’s wider than the original razr though). I’d love to play with one.

$1500… Hard to live up to that price!

I agree with this. Also, flip phones are pretty much immune to butt dialing, which can be irritating.

Then again, I’ll hold onto my $100 iPhone!


YES I AM! oh… Nevermind.

Get your mind out of the gutter! Also get mine out of there.

So the price is ludicrous, but it looks like they really made it work. The pocketability seems great.

Is it still a US carrier exclusive?

Oh look a hugely expensive and exclusive phone on a cell phone carrier. I’m sure this will totally make Verizon’s service that much better.

I have to think that the fold point is going to be an issue down the line.

Possibly, but unlike the Samsung phone, you can’t see the seam on day one, which is a bonus. I find the whole thing really impressive.

Like 1500 USD impressive though?

Absolutely not for me. But the way they’re handling the fold and the form factor is cool. I hope others copy it and the price comes down to normal levels.

Which for a phone without premium specs would be what, $500? $600?

Just curious is all. I was curious to see what the folds are doing these days, but super surprised that it’s that much and also locked onto a carrier.

Yeah, it feels like they’re positioning this for execs who want to stand out. Someone who wants to pull that out at a charity function or board of directors meeting and get some ooohs and awwws.

A lot like the first ultrathin laptops.

Oh, definitely. We’re well on the way to roll up phones. But I still wonder how robust the stress testing on this was.