The Reading Railroad

Why doesn’t the Reading get the respect it deserves from Model companies?

Finding Wooten firebox locomotives is almost unpossible. The best you can do is often to accept a crappy narrow firebox substitute. It’s either that or bra$$.

I would kill for a Reading 4-8-4 T1 or a Crusader darn it.

On a greener note:

I HATE the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Standard railroad of the world my ass.

Bunch of clowns.


Railroads suck.



Look, I’m just trying to help your lame-ass thread here. Plus, stop pretending that you like trains. You haven’t even played Resident Evil 0.

I’ll trade my Marvin Gardens for your Reading Railroad.

yea… and railroads blow ass.

You guys are clowns. Face it.

I don’t think Planetcrap threads have anything on this one.

I’m trying to compete with the other highly inflammatory threads.

How am I doing?

Take a look, it’s in a book!

Oh, wait. That’s RAINBOW.