The real reason I got a 360

Culdcept Saga!.

I am really looking forward to some multiplayer Culdcept action. Discuss.

I reject this reason. The only valid reason to buy a 360 is for Guitar Hero II.

I wholeheartedly agree. Culdcept was awesome on the PS2. I barely invested any time in it, however… when I realized how amazingly fun it would be to play multiplayer, but had no friends who were interested at all. Bringing it online, with persistant deck builds… oh mama, it’s going to be fun!

Could a ten-yr-old girl who has occasionally shown interest in Pokemon characters (and even collects the mini bobbles and plushies sometimes) get into this game?

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

And we the 35 year old balding gamers will be happy to KICK YOUR ASS!

Don’t get me wrong–I’m very much looking forward to Guitar Hero II. But if I didn’t have a 360, I could have gotten the PS2 version, so that wasn’t enough on its own to push me over the edge. Culdcept, though, is still one of my favorite games of the last generation, and it’s the sort of game that was just begging to have multiplayer.

Could a ten-yr-old girl who has occasionally shown interest in Pokemon characters (and even collects the mini bobbles and plushies sometimes) get into this game?

Possibly. Does she like strategy and the collection aspect of the Pokemon games, or just the characters, though?

This looks neat. I might have to check this one out. :D

Stupid, stupid 360. I too thought Culdecept was a gem even with the cheating A.I. fucker that would pull dice rolls out of his/her ass to miraculously come from behind. I cannot justify picking up a 360 for one game, can I? Especially since I was holding off for a PS3.

Ugh, online…

We’re picking up a 360 for one game that isn’t even out yet (Assassin’s Creed) but once we began scanning the library we found a lot to like: Dead Rising, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Gears of War, etc.

I know, but there is no way in holy hell I can justify a 360 and a PS3 even if the purchases are several months apart. Also, I think the likelihood is greater that, in the end, more quirky strategy titles will come out on the PS3 rather than the 360. I will simply have to put my head down and pretend CUldecept Saga does not exist.

Cheer up, Tyjenks! For the last two generations in a row, Culdcept has come out on the competitor’s machine (respectively the Saturn and the Dreamcast) and then been ported to the dominant PlayStation machine at the time, with some updates and enhancements. While there’s no guarantee that the almost inevitable PS3 version will be translated, at least it’s region free.

And BTW, if Sega translates Sangokushi Taisen (a Three Kingdoms tactical card game that totally kicks bootay and uses some of the talent involved with Culdcept, it’s currently coming to the DS only in January) then you’ll really be in for a treat.


:) I saw

:) Hooray for Kitsune and his knowledge of Japanese game development and his positive thinking .

I hear ya mate. My wife and I cannot justify both consoles either, so we’re sticking with our DSs for quirky strategy titles.

so does anyone know a release date for this thing? It was announced at E3 and I’ve been tapping my foot impatiently ever since.

And… I hope the translations/rules are more clear and accurate this time around. One of the screenshots in the link above has a spell called Land Protection with the description “Creates a magical barrier that will not attract spells.”

Well, that’s great that it doesn’t attract spells. But does it, you know, get cast on a square and then prevent spells from being cast on that square?

Call me crazy, but I’m from the old-school where games need to clearly explain what things do. My rule of thumb for rules and card text: pretend it’s a board game without computer enforcement, and then make sure the text is so clear that a player would know exactly how to use the ability in question. “Creates a magical barrier that will not attract spells” certainly doesn’t fit that description.

The PS2 one was flawed like that, where you just plain had to guess what some cards did, or learn via trial and error what they did because the damned card didn’t tell you.

To the devs: Please, with sugar on top, hire someone who understands both english and games to translate the damn text.

Allow me to chime in with the “Culdcept great, horrible fucking cheating bastard AI ruined it,” concept.

Multiplayer could be interesting. Interesting if I owned any console other than a PS2. I’m starting to get 360 envy.

Even better would be a sequel to Phantom Dust, which I thought was superior in almost every way to that CHEATING MF’ING culdcept on PS2 (yes i’m still bitter).

Yes, a Phantom Dust sequel would be awesome. They could almost do it as an arcade game if they got rid of the single player bit and just made it so you could duel against bots.

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