The real Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler Thread is the friends we made along the way.

Spoiler alert: Spider-Man: Far From Home had at least one end-credits scene! Discuss it here!

So @arrendek you were saying?

I still think “Far From Home” is a dumb subtitle. Carry on.

a) I thought the movie wrapped up nicely and hinted at more trouble, but then they immediately set the story of the next movie to be about the same thing
b) I hate the whole “spider Man is a bad guy” story line. I wish he’d gotten some time to be a hero before they made him a fake villain*
c) I wish they’d left the skrulls in the Captain Marvel space I don’t want them to be everywhere now
d) Suddenly the skrulls are no longer doing the mission to find their home, and instead they’re just SHIELD lackeys? I know it’s been 30 years or whatever but give me a break
e) Nick Fury just phoning the whole thing in?
f) How are they planning to reconcile this with the rest of the Marvel universe and the timeline? Like why are the skrulls back now but not any time in the last 30 years. This one is totally answerable but I’m groaning thinking about how they’re going to answer it.

* with the exception of Jameson. I think he’s hilarious and I love that they got JK back to do him!

Same thing? Not sure how it would be the same. Personally, I loved Mysterio and liked Vulture. They were good warm-up villains for a maturing Spidey. Time to step up the game with some of the main villains, even if it means we retread some stuff from the other movies.

Hard to know if they’ll 100% go in that direction. With JJJ around now (and I agree, it was SO great to see JK Simmons) this allows them to have propaganda against him, with some people believing he’s a hero and some not. I’m also not sure if they’ll keep his identity known, which will be a huge change from the comics, or somehow exonerate Parker.

Agreed. I’d love for them to erase Captain Marvel from the MCU myself. But this is clearly all coming from Feige.

As I said, this is clearly being driven by the powers that be (ie. Feige). It’s part of the narrative of the next phase. I just don’t know if there’s anything I’ll like about the next phase aside from Spiderman.

Oh, that Kevin Feige, P.G.A.! What good has he done for the Marvel franchise lately??

I’ll agree this much: The skrull being handed the whole operation was weird, and I don’t get why it makes the story better. Maybe because the real Nick Fury would never ever get duped by Mysterio’s plan?

not sure anything would lead you to believe the skrulls haven’t already settled in somewhere else (which they easily could have been busy doing and why they were not here) and are now free to do whatever, including helping pay back the man who saved them.

I think that’s exactly what they’re going to say happened if it comes up. The Skrulls spent 30 years, which just so happens to occupy the time of all the movies that happened chronologically between Captain Marvel and Spiderman FFH, finding their new home. Now they found it, established a new colony, bred like rabbits, didn’t age at all (probably some Skrull thing), and are on the market for jobs across the universe because they like Nick Fury so so much.

I just wish they didn’t.

Edit: I want to mention again here that I don’t think anything I’m saying are true, universal, or “critical” attacks, it’s just my own opinions on why I was bummed out watching the two scenes at the end of the movie.

Early in the movie, Peter asks “Nick Fury” why Captain Marvel can’t take care of the elemental problem. The individual who we now know is a skrull seemed to have a rather visceral reaction to Marvel being mentioned. Does anyone remember what the skrull said about her?

BTW This ‘Nick Fury’ remembered seeing Peter at the funeral, which means real Nick Fury didn’t even attend Iron Man’s funeral. Not sure why that would be the case though.

I do, because I thought it was a super odd line/reaction at the time, and then it made a lot of sense after the post-credits scene. It was, “Do not invoke her name!”

Fury certainly could’ve been at the funeral and just told Talos about it and any other particulars he needed to know for dealing with Peter.

The mid-credits scene was a great nod to classic Spidey. Being perceived as a menace by the public is part and parcel of Spider-man, JJJ having first appeared in Spider-man #1.

That said, I don’t see how what we saw in that scene is supposed to be a threat to this iteration of Spider-man.

First off, by the end of the movie everyone relevant to Peter already knows he’s Spider-man. So it’s not like it’s directly affecting his personal life.

Second, if Peter ever becomes afraid his nearest and dearest are under threat, all he has to do is call Happy - or Fury - and a quinjet will appear within ten minutes to whisk them off to a five star hotel, where they will be safe and protected in the lap of luxury.

Third, you’d think that both Fury’s counterintelligence guys and Happy’s PR team are pretty damn good at spinning the news, and they certainly have the resources to do it. And there’s no reason for either of them to back up Mysterio’s version of events rather than Peter’s.

Fourth, even if a combined Fury/Happy PR blitz can’t convince the public that Peter is OK, he can always go work for Stark Industries.

Basically the dilemma that classic Spidey faced - that he was an ordinary guy with no resources at all facing a media mogul - doesn’t apply to this Peter Parker. He’s a 1%er now. Worrying about what the press says is for little people.

Sure…Peter has nothing to worry about…just like Stark had nothing to worry about…

My wife & I saw this on July 4th, and it just dawned on me that this was the “great power, great responsibility” movie. It seems obvious, with Peter trying to get out of stepping up now that Tony is gone. And they have the parallel with Peter designing his suit while “Back in Black” plays, mirroring Tony building his first one.

But the detail that hit me this morning: the initials BFP appear on Peter’s baggage at the beginning of the film, and by the time he gets back from the trip, he’s lost that baggage. They make a point of showing the monogram as he’s packing, and of May asking at the end “Where’s you’re luggage? Oh, that’s right, it got blown up.”

While it’s fun to have an occasional Skrull surprise, I really don’t want to have a whole Skrull invasion where we have to spend the next few years fussing about which characters in each movie might be Skrulls. So I’m much happier to just have a couple friendly Skrulls around to be Doombots for Fury and whatnot.

(Dr. Doom’s characterization was off in that last story? It was a Doombot. The REAL Doom is much cooler/scarier/smarter/whatever)

Yeah I hate the whole “who is real who is fake” story line stuff if it lasts more than 30 minutes total.

I watched this over the weekend and enjoyed it overall - especially how they managed to make Mysterio a real threat while keeping it thematically consistent with his comic book origins.

I have to think that this is going to eventually lead into “Peter Parker, Tech Startup Billionaire” with Parker Industries being a thing?

B.A.R.F. is the solution.

Why do we have to assume that the entire skrull race is employed by shield. Maybe it’s just a chyle of skrulls who were looking for employment and for recruited.

I truly hated the exposition toast scene. It was all the lameness of a villain monologue combined with clunky flashbacks.

But the movie brought back J.K. Simmons, so it evened out.