The Recruit

Did anyone else see this? I thought the first 3/4 was actually pretty good, but then it cops out big time at the end.

And I think it was Slate’s Edelstein or the New York Times reviewer who nailed it when they said that this movie falls into that special little genre of its own: the Al Pacino-as-the-crazy-mentor movie. Dear lord, that seems to be his only role nowadays. Can i get a Hoo-ah!?!

My only other complaint is that I read The Company early last year, and that’s a book that would be The Godfather of CIA movies if they get around to making it. Unfortunately, both have very similar plots, so if I had to choose between a movie based on The Company or one based on The Recruit, the former would win hands down.

I thought it was pretty boring. If everything wasn’t a crazy twist then maybe it would have been interesting, but since it hammers home the point that nothing is what it seems I spent most of the time idly guessing what the surprise twist would be. So it was no real surprise at the end. It would probably have worked better as a 1/2 hour Twilight Zone episode, or something along those lines.

But I guess the CIA training scenes were kind of fun. And I was fascinated that Clayton’s stubble stayed the same length for the entire movie.



I enjoyed it but guessed the ending when the guy died at the train station…

As this is premiering on Starz this month and there may be others in the busy, family guy/gal not much time for theaters mode, let me just say, “Blech!”

Did they cut 30 or 45 mins. out of the version I saw? The characters were shallow and uninteresting. I cared nothing for any of them. It felt like scenes that would have delved deeper had to be cut due to time constraints. Pacino looked like he phoned it in.

The CIA training school premise was interesting, but there was not enough of it so it seemed like we got a Cliff notes version. Then the second half kicked in with the familiar twists and turns in the “who’s dicking whom around?” espionage plot line and seemed abbreviated as well.

OTOH, when I think about a fuller 3 hour version of the same movie I get light headed and nauseated. All the crap I have Tivo’d and I waste 2 hours on this C- flick. Let this serve as the warning I wish I had received.

I thought the chick (Bridget Moynahan) was lovingly interesting.

Actually I just saw this movie for the first time last night as well on Starz… was okay but not anything great, and it gets pretty predictible near the end. The USB key is a nice technological twist.

— Alan

I thought the whole USB thing was utter bullshit. “This is the CIA – we don’t have floppy disks… but we have USB ports on our keyboards, because we’re stupid and don’t get this new fangled tech.”


I’ll give you that. I do not think I had seen her in anything and she was the best of the three. I love Pacino and I guess I expected more.


Why the hell did Clayton care when Pacino died at the end? If they became so close, I missed it.

What was with the, “I don’t want to shoot you, just give me the computer” angle? A CIA turncoat killer getting all soft because of some connection with this kid which, again, was not really shown. Was he going to let him go just like Colin was soo in love with the girl that he screwed her, caught her and was then going to let her go?

A man who had been in the company, trained hundreds, done it all, missed the fact that all the red dots were trained on Clayton. Ooopsie.

The whole final sequence finished it for me. Yuck! Reliving it is making me irritable all over agin.

Kind of dug this movie, but it does fall apart near the end. Also read The Company and thought it was a really fun read. Would love to see a movie version of it but I don’t think that’s possible.

I think Moynahan is gorgeous. She’s had a few smaller roles, and a sizable one in The Sum of All Fears.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I saw this movie with my then-fiancee and two close friends, and all 3 of them (none techies) saw the USB key angle coming a good half-hour in advance.

One is an art student, one’s a financier, and the other’s an economist who’s afraid of e-mail.

We’re all in the 21-23 range.

As I’m a CS grad student, I kept my mouth shut about the USB key - I try not to be “that guy” about computery implausibilities on film.

I don’t think I could give an honest evaluation of this movie. My wife and I saw the preview which revelealed every single plot twist in the movie so many times that we knew everything that was going to happen before it happened.

I was just whining (again) about the movie at work and someone else mentioned the trailer and how the movie looked pretty good. I agreed and said that, even though it gave a lot away, the movie that the previews tease you with does look like a good one. I wish I had just watched the trailer again and skipped the full viewing. I would have saved myself about an hour and 59 mins.

I thought it fell apart midway through their training during the faux-interrogation session.

I’m curious what’s wrong with Pacino’s hands. Does he suffer from Diabetes or something?

Yeah, he had some funky fingernails in that movie.