The religion of peace strikes again!

What’s weird about this is that it took place in Texas. It seems like they wanted to provoke an attack with the display so they could gun down some terrorists.

I had that same thought. Seems very much like a honeypot setup; Terrorists drive up, get shot to shit by 40+ guards.

If i tread on a note of local currancy in singapore (or is it thailand? It might be both) i can get put in jail and charged with treason (for defacing the face of the monarch).

If i get caught stealing fruit from a market in Saudi Arabia i can have my hand choped off.

If i incite racial hatred in the UK i can be legally charged with a hate crime.

If i parody the American National Anthem at a rodeo in Texas i could be shot dead.

If i start talking about how crap Nascar really is down south (usa) i could be shot dead.

And it so happens if i start drawing pictures of Mohamid then there is a chance i might get targeted by Muslim extremists.

The world is a wide a varied place, but in general Olaf’s posts on this pet subject of his (that of hatred towards Muslims, atleast that is how it feels) i find often extremely distastful, just as i would anti-semtic (and i’m a fierce critic of Israels recent policies) stuff that fascist groups love, or talk that is racsist in any shape or form. There is a fine line between having an intellectual discussion on these kind of subjects, and just falling into a goose-step solution-as-discussion pretense, imho.

While the amount of democracy in Singapore is certainly debatable, it does not have an actual monarch.

Sure, but at least give examples for those who don’t hang out in PR. So far I’ve seen this thread and I wouldn’t exactly call this hardcore hatemongering on even my most drunkest of days.

Then again, this forum isn’t a democracy, I know. Could have done with a less tasteless reminder though.

Why don’t you go find them yourself if you’re interested? This isn’t a trial or a public shaming. It’s a request by the guy who runs the forum to chill out.


It really does sound like a bunch of hate-mongering clowns hoping someone dared to attack them. I guess the good of it is that one of these guys had been on a watch list for a while, so these Texas yahoos managed to lure him into acting rashly (?) instead of setting in motion something with more dire consequences.


Could you provide a link to the example of the National Anthem and NASCAR? I could provide many links to Muslims reacting violently to free speech directed against their religion. Now thankfully in the US (and perhaps in the UK), the percentage of Muslim who react violent is so small that I’m happy to characterize it as Islamic extremist. However, that isn’t the case in the Middle East and not even convinced its a really small percentage in Europe in countries like France or even the Netherlands.

Does Olaf go overboard at times in his anti-Islamic? probably, was this an example not even close IMO.

I dunno what you call it but to me it went from just another thread to a public shaming with a lot of steps missing in between.

The title of this thread demonstrates that no real thought is going into any of this, as the sarcastic use of term “religion of peace” is just a mindless regurgitation of talking points from far right bigots.

There are many legitimate criticisms which can be made against Islam, just like criticisms can be made of essentially any organized religion on earth. But Olaf has demonstrated a failure to engage in any of the actual thought required to come up with such criticisms.

Some of his statements in this very thread have shown this, by being clearly wrong from a simple factual perspective. For instance suggesting that there are no active Christian terrorist groups is woefully incorrect.

Look at groups like the LRA in Africa. They are essentially a crazy Christian cult who commits atrocities easily on par with the worst committed by ISIS.

Oh, but what’s that you say? They aren’t good example of Christians in general, and are instead just twisting the religion into a monstrous caricature? Yep…

Really? What steps are missing? I haven’t had to have this conversation in literally years, but when I ask someone to chill out, it’s pretty much between me and the person being asked to chill out. Was I supposed to clear it with you first?


[response to Timex]


You bring up some group in Africa that 99% of us have never heard of and make a direct comparison?
You might as well talk about the troubles and how none of them were Muslims. The guys who just did this were Muslim fanatics, the guy who recently failed using a machine gun in Denmark was Muslim. The recent attack in France was perpetrated by Muslims.
None of the victims ever heard about your African group of Christians wanting something something.

I’d say try to get some perspective.

Have you ever been to the US? Do you even leave your house?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. That it was between the two of you guys until you basically shut him up in his own thread. This should have started and ended with PMs. Unless you think that there are “more of us” and you want to send some kind of message, I dunno.

The LRA was a cause celebre on Facebook a while back, with the Kony2012 thing. Maybe not a household name, but hardly obscure.

Anyways on topic it’s crazy how hackneyed this all is. “Ignorant narcissists draw stupid cartoons -> Even more ignorant homicidal lunatics try to kill them”

It only counts as terrorism when Westerners die, amirite?

The invisible children outfit were creepy Christians too! Terrorism is a lose-lose proposition.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying, you’re right. Wait, the other kind, you’re wrong. Surprisingly people care strongly about the groups trying to kill them in their own country. People care less so about other groups that are not currently trying to kill them. I know, it surprised me too.

And let’s not handwave away the IRA. I know, I know, that ended almost twenty years ago. Christians are totally different today.