The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


It’s entirely possible it was 2-2, just seems a lot more unlikely. Did anyone note any signaling for mission 1?


I’m discounting you being evil too, for the same reason.


Well, you were talking about the 1-2 scenarios. I was wondering if we think the 2-2 scenarios were impossible. Of course they rely on you being Evil but I was curious if we had logic-solved our way out of that scenario or if we were just discounting it.


I’m discounting 2-2 because im not evil. And others should discount it because i could have used the spotlight on 2 to avoid a double fail, but the mission passed. It’s the obvious evil play and I didn’t do it.


Not much signaling and this is about the NC so it’s probably not.

Note that pretty much anything can be counted as signaling. IRL you can point out the piles, table talk, and according to someone on BGG, “I got this” works.


So I agree 2-2 is unlikely and Dave is almost definitely Evil.


If Dave is evil, his vetting of Snebmi is meaningless, so Snebmi’s vetting of Casey is meaningless. And Snebmi chose Dave for the reveal.


I did it randomly and you all agreed that everyone on M2 was equally Good so it didn’t matter.


See, that’s why we don’t allow proven random distribution. You can say it was random but you can’t prove it was.


No one knows you did it randomly. You could have re-run that script until it gave you the results you wanted, then posted only that result.


I am saying it is random right now. Am I posting any evidence? I apologized for that but I can still say that’s what happened.


No, I know, just reinforcing why it’s a rule, that’s all.


Exactly. I could have. I could’ve used Google Chrome and inspected element and switched it. I could’ve messed it up in a million different ways. All you have is my word.


Hey team. Is it possible to delay the next proposed team until this evening? I need to go back through the votes and think some, and I’m not going to have a chance to do that until later tonight.


Yeah, I have to distribute the cards first anyways. Since we’re down 1-2, this is the most critical part of the game so far. Need to get it right.


Yes, that’s what I said. If Dave is evil, then there is no reason to believe what you say about why you chose to reveal to him. And no reason to believe what you told us about Casey. I’m just saying we can’t treat those things as very strong likelihoods anymore.



Are you planning (for your team) to avoid Kane/Casey and have to get everyone else right (as it requires two fails) or choose between them?


If we decide as a group that there were likely 2 evils on teams 2 & 3 then, as a last resort if nothing else seems better, it’d make sense to basically take the four people not on those teams, plus me. That would guarantee that we make it to mission 5, with a chance to possibly get the second OC card into play.

We’d also want the cards to get into good hands though. That’s where it gets trickier as we’re not entirely sure which hands those are. I’m inclined to believe rho is good but I don’t have a ton of confidence that my team proposal will go through.


I’m absolutely positive there were 2 evils on missions 2 & 3. Dave has really fucked with everyone’s mind here by playing that success on mission 2.


So we agree on Dave being Evil. Hmm.