The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread



Are you planning (for your team) to avoid Kane/Casey and have to get everyone else right (as it requires two fails) or choose between them?


If we decide as a group that there were likely 2 evils on teams 2 & 3 then, as a last resort if nothing else seems better, it’d make sense to basically take the four people not on those teams, plus me. That would guarantee that we make it to mission 5, with a chance to possibly get the second OC card into play.

We’d also want the cards to get into good hands though. That’s where it gets trickier as we’re not entirely sure which hands those are. I’m inclined to believe rho is good but I don’t have a ton of confidence that my team proposal will go through.


I’m absolutely positive there were 2 evils on missions 2 & 3. Dave has really fucked with everyone’s mind here by playing that success on mission 2.


So we agree on Dave being Evil. Hmm.


First, that chart @rho21 made is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in all of Resistance history. Perhaps second only to the YOLO Bayeux tapestry that @rowe33 created.

I don’t know how to read the chart, so my enthusiasm is tempered a little by my ignorance. It appears that those who DO know how to use the chart are pointing out that I am evil? As if I would possibly fail mission two? YOLO?


I noted possible signaling from Scott, and also maybe from Kane.

Even with my suspicious hat on I’m not sure I can spot any signalling for team 3. Maybe I need to look further back.


People are saying that there was most likely two Evils on Mission 2. Therefore:

If there was one Evil on Mission 1:
Scenario 1: Kane, you, and me are Evil
Scenario 2: Casey, you, and me are Evil
Scenario 3: Casey, you, and rowe are Evil

If there was two Evils on Mission 2:
Scenario 1: Casey, you, and scott are Evil
Scenario 2: Casey, scott, and rowe are Evil

You’re Evil in four out of the five scenarios. For you to be Good, Casey, Scott, and Rowe are all Evil.


There’s also the possibility that there was only 1 evil on team 2/3 but it seems unlikely enough that I’ve dismissed it as an option. Unless evil goofed then there was no reason at all to succeed on team 2 as a single evil when they could have gone up 2-0.


What do the rightmost two columns of @rho21’s chart mean? And if someone knows the answer, how the hell did you figure it out? Is it the number of evil players on each of those teams? And why are teams 2/3 grouped up?


Yeah, and team 2 and 3 are grouped because we ran the exact same teams.


Oh of course. Thanks!


I’m thinking now E, F and I are the most plausible explanations.


So definitely Casey and 2 out of scott, Dave and rowe. What’s your reasoning?


Unless evil were playing mind games (possible, but let’s assume a simpler explanation) the only reason team 2 passed was that there were 2 evils who didn’t want to double fail, so @Snebmi is in the clear. I think Casey didn’t want to include evils in the chain of trust, so he picked Kane first to vet him, and then it seemed like he was priming to pick scott (until I made a fuss, maybe?) so he switched to Snebmi. So I’m leaning towards scenario I now – with both Dave and Rowe being evil.


I have to say that if I was Evil I’d rather sink the mission and be up 2-0 than play mind games, especially when the same team would be picked again.


In our forum game history, I think I’m the only person that’s ever extended the game on purpose when I could have ended, just to be more evil,and even then it was only that one time. So I’m of the opinion that someone either made a mistake or was playing too conservatively. Based on that a Dave-Snebmi duo is the only scenario that makes sense to me.


So you’re saying you think Dave forgot to fail the mission or said “Screw it, I’m going to make them really confused”? I’m sorry but I don’t follow that that is the most likely scenario.

Plus I’m Good (drink).


Makes more sense than Scott forgetting to vote fail after he put you in the spotlight.


So you think both me and Scott are Evil? What? I’m not even following your line of thought, Rowe. What I’m suggesting is two of you, Dave, and Scott are Evil and failed to coordinate. What’s more likely, that or someone forgetting their allegiance?


No, I said the most likely scenario was that you and Dave are evil. If you and Scott were both evil then he would have failed mission 2. If Scott and Dave were both evil then Scott would have used the Spotlight on Dave instead.