The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


At some point we do have to double down on something. That said, I’m pretty convinced scott is good so I have no objections to spreading the cards around if that seems safer.


No apologies are necessary!


Any scenario shows that one of Casey / Kane are evil, and Dave is evil. So picking a safe team for the 4th mission is straightforward: just pick everyone else. But doubling up all the cards in one hand is not a good idea.


I’ll start it out by giving Take Responsibility to rho21. @Lantz


Sorry, busy day at work. I have to use this immediately, right? I guess I’ll take the No Confidence.


And after he takes NC from Scott, I’ll replace it by giving Scott the other one, in the King’s name.

@scottagibson @rho21 @Lantz

For my official team proposal, we’ll go with:


I think that spreads the risk out enough so we shouldn’t have a double fail.


It’s not going to work for mission 5 but it should get us through 4 and maybe we’ll get some more cards to clear things up, and rho distributing should be fine.


I know for sure there’s one Evil on the team but probably not two unless Dave is Good. I’d say this team is probably okay but I’d like to hear how we’re planning to get through Mission 5. We have Overheard Conversation left, right? If we pass this, rho will get it, which I’m okay with as rho is almost definitely Good.

To check Dave: you have to give it to me, as Casey will swear Dave’s Evil already. If Dave’s Evil he’ll be 100% confirmed as such because he’s said I’m Good. It would be funny because he’d have no way to get out of that. Like when Scott said Lantz was Evil so Lantz said Scott was Evil and Scott refused to NC the 5th team and Lantz accused Scott of being a Tanner. But it’s not the best use of the card I don’t think.

To check me: you have to give it to Rowe. I’m happy for that to happen obviously but I’m not sure if rowe would tell the truth. Given that he must say scott or me is Evil in this situation he’s accusing someone either way. Rowe is on my list of maximum suspicion. I’d love for him to prove me wrong, obviously, but he’d have a high incentive to lie. Of course, you could also give it to Dave to double check my card but that’s not helpful.

To check rowe: you have to give it to me, as you (rho) are the other player next to him. From rowe’s perspective, all of my previous arguments apply (although I do have the excuse about the spotlight - which doesn’t apply to him).

To check scott: You have to give it to Kane (you’re the other player next to him). I’ll believe whatever Kane would say, obviously, as would Dave (but you don’t want Dave’s approval).

Those are my thoughts. Do with them what you will but that OC is going to be our best bet for getting a clean Mission 5.


I imagine we’ll probably end up with both Eye cards for mission 5, just to mess with us.

I believe the cards left are (since we’ve used 8):
NC, CP, SL, SL, OC, Eye, Eye

If we make it to mission 5, at least we have a chance to get the OC. Even with it, we’ll have to make educated guesses to get all 5 clean members on the team.


Oh crap I forgot we don’t for sure get the remaining cards. I thought we had like OC left and SL and an Eye and we would get those three for sure. 8P count is messing with my head.

You can ignore what I said then for now.


If we make it to 5 AND get the OC card, seems like Snebmi is the best person to check as it’d verify a couple others, depending on the result. Obviously that’d mean I’m the one that peeks but my card distribution doesn’t make sense if I’m evil.


I don’t see how Evil is going to fail Mission 4 unless Dave is clean and you and scott are Evil. Unlikely. One of you is Evil from my eyes but not both.


With 2 cards per mission we’re maybe not going to see all the cards come out. We still have 2 eyes, 2 strong leaders, another 1 each of NC and CP and OC. So about 70% odds that we don’t get that last OC. Looks like this has been discussed while I was doing the math.


@rowe33 Wait, why Kane? I thought we meant to avoid Kane, Casey, and Dave?


I was offended when I was left off but given that I saw Kane’s card I was okay with it.

Edit: This is incorrect, I saw Casey’s card, not Kane’s


Did you see Kane’s card? I thought you just saw Casey’s?


Right. Yes. But given that we’ve found almost certainly that EXACTLY ONE of Casey and Kane is Evil, I’ve basically seen Kane’s. I’ll edit the post though.


Ah, that’s another rule - no editing posts :D


I thought as long as you put EDITED DUE TO MISTAKE or EDITED DUE TO SPELLING it was okay?


Hey, I’m not voting for your team til you splain it.