The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


Can I edit in a note at the bottom saying “Edit: This is incorrect”?

I’m sorry I keep making these mistakes I’ve been doing my homework and reading the games but I guess I’m missing the important stuff?


Sorry, was just nitpicking to make you all think I’m paying attention.


No worries, not trying to pick on you, just trying to show why it might be important.


I agree editing a post is wrong - someone could say “I’M FAILING THIS QUEST GUYZ” and then delete it after they’re sure only their Evil buddy has seen it, or something more subtle of that calibur. However, I think editing a few words to be accurate after putting a note and having a record via your guys’ posts or editing spelling with a note is okay. If it’s against the rules though, that’s fine.

I’d like to note that while this message could be considered a signal, Evil has no reason to hide anymore. A quest could triple-fail and it doesn’t matter because Evil would win. Just wanted to put that out there before anyone mentioned it :)


I think that it is fine to add a note at the bottom along the lines of ‘Edit: see clarification below’ but not changing any content of the actual note.

I once accidentally deleted a post while I was busy both intentionally and unintentionally messing up the initial card distribution as an evil person to open the game. The deleted post was a real hassle for everyone (this was the old forum software so I couldn’t undelete it and I tried to paraphrase it but damage done) and I still feel bad about it.


I remember that game and just quoted it like a few posts ago. It was hilarious when Scott refused to play the NC.

I changed the contents back to the original as best as I could remember it and added the clarification.


It doesn’t make any sense to me to deliberately include a 50/50 evil on the team.


But why would I include 3 out of 4 team members from team 3 when I’m pretty sure 2 of them are evil? I’m just trying to avoid the double fail. I don’t have a better suggestion without more info.


If you exclude Dave, Kane and Casey, you’ve excluded two evils, and the mission can’t fail.

It’s just math, right?


Unless you think the charts are wrong about Dave.


Technically I should have brought Casey instead of you, and then, assuming I’m correct about 2 evils on team 3, we’d be fine. I don’t see a scenario in which Dave is 100% evil though. Sure it’s more likely that he is but we can’t afford a mistake. If I could resubmit, I’d take myself + the four non-team 3 members just to be safe. Then we’d be guaranteed to make it to mission 5 at least.


If team 1 had 1 evil, and team two had 2 evils, then Dave has to be evil.

But I wonder now why we are so sure team 2 had 2 evils?


By ‘we’ do you mean me or are you actually wondering about that?


I am wondering about that.


Well from my view, only you or Dave could be the single evil. Snebmi obviously can’t as Dave said he was good. And you voted No on the 2nd team so it seems very unlikely that you could be the single evil. I suppose Dave could have been a single evil on team 2 but why wouldn’t he have failed it?


If everything else you’ve said is true, the obvious answer is to cause confusion.


There’s enough confusion in these Resistance games as it is for me to get all sly about causing more, when 2-0 was a death sentence for good.


Yeah, that’s what I forgot. But there’s basically no good explanation for mission 2 passing. Single evil would have failed it. And if Snebmi passed it because of the spotlight, then Dave should have failed it.


It feels like crazy talk that there were multiple evils on mission 1 and single evil on mission 2, doesn’t it? What’s the evidence for that?


Who’s making that crazy talk?