The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


Best guess, Rho, Scott and Casey are the evils.

Rho gives Scott the in the spotlight knowing he won’t highlight a evil, and Casey gives Scott the NC so he had give Kane the OC. Scott signaled to Casey that he wasn’t going to vote fail on the first team.


Heh. If @rowe33 is evil, then good is probably beaten.


Not sure that makes much sense. (I mean, I know it’s wrong because I’m good, but even so).

Seems more likely to me that there was only one evil on the first team but two on the second/third. It goes a little way towards explaining how the second was allowed to pass.


You’ve got that backwards. @CaseyRobinson first gave OC to Kane, then Kane accused him, then he gave the NC to me, presumably because he assumed I was loyal if Kane was evil.

If Casey was evil, why would he expose himself to a loyal player? He could literally have picked anyone else.

So if Casey is loyal, then the baddies are @Dave_Perkins, @Snebmi, and @CF_Kane. That pretty much fits the facts, except it still leaves open why @Dave_Perkins didn’t fail mission 2. Anyone have a better explanation?


I’m not convinced that’s true: we’d talked a fair bit about it in here, so a lot of choices would have looked suspicious to the point of a soft reveal.

Not that I have a better explanation right now. I’ll have a think about it.


Is this the signal for someone else to fail?

Sure. I’m not certain, just seems the most likely scenario. I used the spotlight on @Snebmi on mission 2 because I was suspicious. Then after the mission @Snebmi selected @Dave_Perkins to vet him, which made me think it was unlikely they are both evil.


Luckily for 5 of us, this is not the case! Though at a loss on how to untangle this mess until I lay out the ‘if X is evil, then Y is evil, etc’. I was hoping we were all set but of course that is almost never the case when I get that feeling.


This is a very strange statement when you’ve just been confirmed as good by someone else.


Or is this @Snebmi signaling that he will fail the mission?


Hah, good crosspost!


@rowe33, if you trust me, that TR has to come to me, or someone will use it to take my NC.


It is a bit strange, but I’d hate to get that signal if I were evil, I wouldn’t know how to vote.


Actually I think it might be best to give the TR to someone else to take your NC, then give you the new NC. Unless rowe super-trusts you anyway. Otherwise you end up with two of the cards.


Looking back at the vetting, Casey has chosen two different people to vet him, and both of them have called him evil. It’s almost like Casey was choosing people blindly; which is to say, he isn’t evil. If he were evil, would he not have used one of those chances to get vetted by an ally?


I don’t know, it seems pretty clear to me. I’d know how to read it if I were evil.


If Casey is good then our evils would definitely be Dave, Snebmi, and Kane. It fits with the fail pattern, including two evils on mission 2 and 3, possibly leading to the accidental success. I would never have passed up the chance to go up 2-0 as evil but it’s possible others are a bit more conservative there.


That’d take pretty bad luck, wouldn’t it?


Yeah, I still don’t get mission 2 success. Remember, I spotlighted @Snebmi, so @Dave_Perkins had a clean opportunity. It’s the only real flaw in the scenario.


Worse luck than being evil and knowingly picking people who will out you twice?


I don’t think he minded being outed, especially if it protects a second evil in the first team.