The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


I really just want to find out what happened on the 2nd mission. Either Dave didn’t fail for some reason or Scott was playing cute with the Spotlight. I don’t get it. Or maybe there was one evil, Dave, and he just forgot to vote fail. I don’t know.

I tried to lay out exactly why I should be trusted as best I could though.


Sorry if I’m coming across negatively. I’ll withdraw my automatic yes as it does come across as giving up. Just don’t know how to argue my case any better.


@Lantz, what’s the time frame for voting? Is it 24 hours? More?


It’s generally as long as it takes. @Lantz will poke the laggards, no need to worry.


Team 5B Vote Results
@scottagibson (leader)

@rho21 - No
@scottagibson - Yes
@soondifferent - Yes
@CF_Kane - No
@CaseyRobinson - No
@Dave_Perkins - No
@Snebmi - Yes
@rowe33 - No

@scottagibson would you like to play Strong Leader at this time?


All votes were in plenty early, I was the delay this time. I blame society.


Vote changes from 5a to 5b were @rho21 and @CF_Kane.

@Lantz, I will not use SL at this time.

@soondifferent, time for your guess.


I strongly prefer team 5A. I do not believe that Snebmi is good.


Snebmi is definitely good. I saw his card!


@soondifferent just a reminder to propose 5C


I think soon is on Sunday vacation.


I’m back!

I guess I was coming around to team 5A before it failed, so I’m not terribly upset that 5B failed as well. So let’s go 5A/C!




Jeez, people keep coming back to Mission 4!

I don’t know what to say other than you’re wrong and this team will fail.

Obviously I’m voting no but I don’t see a clear team for us

Edit: I pressed post before finishing. I meant a don’t see a way for Good to all agree on a team, given the voting.


Dave appealing to reason has convinced me that I need to abandon it.


Team 5C Vote Results
@soondifferent (leader)

@rho21 - Yes
@scottagibson - Yes
@soondifferent - Yes
@CF_Kane - Yes
@CaseyRobinson - No
@Dave_Perkins - Yes
@Snebmi - No
@rowe33 - Yes

@rho21 or @scottagibson would you like to play No Confidence?


Dave voted for it? Why?

If we don’t NC it, we lose. Straight-up. The last thing I’m going to say that can help my case even remotely is:

Why the hell wouldn’t Dave fail Mission2 while I was spotlighted?


@Lantz I will not use NC

@rho21 what say you?


Great, making it all my fault. Thanks, scott. ;)

I’m paying no attention to Dave’s vote. A known evil’s only goal here is to sow confusion. I’m not interested in getting into a guessing game on whether it’s a bluff or a double bluff.

It is worth noting though that Dave’s wasn’t the deciding vote: all the players I’m sure are good voted in favour this time.

Ugh, I hate making this sort of decision.


I’m going to stick with my convictions from before. @rowe33: well played if it’s actually you. If it’s someone I’ve discounted entirely, even more well played to them.

@Lantz: I won’t use my NC.


Team 5C
@soondifferent (leader)

All team members, please send me your success/failure votes.