The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


You guys vetoed my choice, and we’re running out of team chances. I don’t really have a good idea for team evil at this point anyway. I guess we roll the dice.

Edit: Also, too, evil have done a good job here. We’re basically guessing.


I’m just waiting for Lantz to announce we lost. Until then, I’m focusing on Codenames, BSG, Deception, and real life work.

I’d advise everyone to wait on any revelations until Lantz announces the end of the game. Don’t want to steal his thunder with the end-game reveal.


I’m guessing Lantz will announce you’ve lost either way. If you’re good, you’re not on the team, and you’ve lost. If you’re evil, you’re not on the team, and you’ve (probably) lost. So that’s a high-truth-value comment!


If I’m Evil, he’ll announce it’s time to stab Merlin. If I’m Good, he’ll just say Good lost.


Yes, that’s what I said. Your comment basically works no matter which side you’re on.


No, you said he’ll just say I lost if I’m Evil.


Lost pending the stabbing. Close enough.


Team 5C Mission Results
@soondifferent (leader)


Evil members (obviously @Snebmi @CaseyRobinson @Dave_Perkins who I will tag for notifications) now discuss who to stab.

Sorry for no stories this game. Life has been mad.


Assassin here, guessing @Snebmi is Mordred and @Dave_Perkins is Morgana?


I’m Morgana.

Casey, I am so sorry for outing you like that, but here’s why: I figured that in the endgame, if I was figured out as an Evil, it would cast shade on Kane and make everyone think hey, Evil Snebmi stuck up for Kane, maybe Casey’s Good. It seemed to be working for a little while, some people were strongly considering Scenario U.

Dave, why the heck didn’t you fail Mission 2?

On my card distribution: I was fully prepared to be called Evil. The random number generator actually was random, and when I picked Dave I figured he was Mordred and wanted him to call me Evil.

Scott jumped out to me as a possible Merlin, as he spotlighted me but wouldn’t be able to see Dave. He picked a bad team but had an NC card and voted yes to rho’s team. I’m not set on it though and will reread the thread.


Well done good!


Snebmi, I thought about calling you Evil but decided against it for some reason that I can’t quite recall. I also can’t quite recall my reason for passing Team 2, but it definitely had to do with the Spotlight on you. I didn’t write down my reasons at the time, hoping that my mind would store them long enough – but it was too long ago, and as a teacher, I have to re-fill my mind every day with dozens of things. Sorry I can’t remember!


I was signaling for you to pass the mission:

This was inside a very long logic post but then I was spotlighted and figured hey, he’ll see my vote it doesn’t matter.

On the third mission I was signaling hard because I had no idea who was supposed to fail it.

Perhaps you thought we’d run the same team and I’d fail it and I’d look Evil?


I just have to say that I love how suspicious this sounds, even though the game has ended.


Damn, I had the two of you backwards in my guesses/instinct. I was worried that Dave was too quiet to be Morgana but the chain of (mis) trust would have worked so much better if you guys were the other way round. Anyway, thoughts on who gets the knife?


I said I think Scott could be, rho could be his Percival maybe, picking the winning team for 5a?


Not sure. Actually, rho doesn’t make much sense as Percy to me. Must reread the thread.


I would have been less quiet had I not come up Evil in that damned chart!

And I would stab rowe33.



He said that even though almost everybody had said “Snebmi or rowe33 is Evil.” Seems kind of Merlin-ish, pretending to be unsure.

Do you have any particular reasons, Dave?


I’m disinclined to stab Kane, and I don’t think it was scott… if it was him he acted well enough at the end that I don’t believe it’s him now. I’m thinking rowe or soon, leaning soon with that mission 4 team.