The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


Yeah Rowe or soon, one of the bastards who knew just what team to pick at the end there!


Ok, I’ma wait a bit for @Snebmi and maybe reread the thread myself (but probably not).


Rowe was in favor of Mission 2, which included me and Dave. That’s the only strike I’ve found against him yet.

Sorry for late response, I was on a plane.


That doesn’t sound like a “strike” unless I am not sure what you mean by strike.


I mean a strike against him being Merlin.


Ah okay! That was a key mission. I agree with you. Let’s dong soon then!


Soon was all for Scenario X until the end. But I don’t know. I still might go for Rowe.


I keep changing my mind. Rowe shouldn’t have voted yes if he was Merlin. But soon shouldn’t have supported me…


Merlin has to make a mis-step or two so they don’t eat a knife at the end. Hmm.


I guess I should commit to stabbing someone by tonight, keep this thing moving.


@Lantz I’m going to follow my gut and feed @soondifferent to my pet shark.


@soondifferent was but a loyal servant to his king.

Good Wins


GG @good.


Well played good! I was Percival, so I saw Merlin (I’ll let him announce himself) and Snebmi. I had thought from the first turn that Snebmi was Merlin, and didn’t realize that he was evil until mission 3 failed.

I probably wasn’t much help, but clearly we managed to sufficiently confuse our evil opponents as to Merlin. Well done team!


Good job all! Darn you, Merlin.

@Snebmi it was a pleasure seeing you give it your all. I thought several times that you’d pulled it off! @CaseyRobinson everything you said was terrific, too.


Thanks, Dave. I tend to get really into these games and play very loudly.

For the record, it’s true that the first time I ran the program that it didn’t error (I made a minor mistake) it came out as Dave, Dave, Scott or Rowe, Dave, Scott or Rowe. The screenshot I posted was correct and actually random.

I’m guessing Scenario X betrayed me (the other Merlin was on it)? I could be wrong though.

I wasn’t sure about soon but I figured it wasn’t rowe. Now I guess it’s @rho21?

Thanks for playing everyone, I’ve read so many of these games over these past few months it felt kind of like hanging out with celebrities to play with you guys. It felt like that moderating too, but it’s different when you’re being called Evil by the same people!

I’m in for another round, if anyone else is.


Here are my notes from this game:

I’m Morgana, which is fun. My fellow Evils are Dave Perkins and CaseyRobinson. I’m going to reveal the whole Chicago Proxy thing in hopes it makes Percival flock to my side, at least for a second.

All three Evils are in a row. That’s pretty annoying. Especially because of the “Let’s go in a line in team-picking” thing. Color me annoyed. But I may make the first team if this goes through.

I was convinced to vote no and I did. I voted no to the second team too. Thankfully, Dave Perkins had the sense to keep his yes vote when I was off the team. Casey didn’t change his vote either.

Soon’s team is awesome, except for the double-fail thing. I’m still voting no. I’m advocating it to go to CF_Kane so Casey will have the choice for Mission 2. Plus, this way, the cards will be in Casey’s hands.

If Casey is Mordred, I’d highly consider stabbing Kane. “Based on their votes and my gut,” huh?

No spotlight. If I wasn’t concerned Casey was Mordred, I’d hope for a failed mission because that would put us at a tremendous advantage. One very good game was a vanilla with Plot Cards game where spies won 3-0. If each Evil in this game gives themselves up for one failed mission, we’d win. Of course, I’d hope Mordred would be the last to reveal.

It failed. Huzzah! And scott is largely considered Resistance. I hope he’s not Merlin, with all the support I’ve been throwing him.

I made a long speech with a clue for Dave that I’m going to fail it. I actually hope one of us gets the spotlight. It’d be great, just in case Dave doesn’t get my clue.

I was spotlighted. This couldn’t have gone better!

I just hope Dave actually fails this mission. Otherwise we’re screwed. But actually…if we’re up 2-0, we’re in great shape. We’ll almost definitely have a shot at a failed 3rd mission.

I am extremely confused. Dave voted success? Why? Actually why? Maybe he thought I was going to vote fail? I was spotlighted! Jeez!

Casey Opened Up to me. I will declare him as Evil. Then, I will Establish Confidence with anyone. They’ll say I’m Evil. Unless it’s Dave. Then, that’s his business. I’ll pick Mission 2 with Kane subbed in for someone else. I’ll give myself up but I want to be cautious. I want Casey more trusted.

I declared Casey Evil. I don’t know if that’s the right choice.

I just noticed that rowe changed his vote from a no into a yes when I was taken off the team. Hmmmm…

Damn, I don’t know what to do about this EC.

Damn, the list actually picked Dave 3/5 times. I hope he doesn’t hate me, I think he’s Mordred.

I completely sacrificed Casey, but my hope is that if/when Dave and I get outed, it casts some doubt about Kane. “Snebmi covered for Kane, maybe he’s Evil.” I still don’t know what the hell Dave was thinking when he didn’t fail the mission.

My argument if (and hopefully when) Mission 3 fails with (hopefully) 1 fail, I will say I am no more likely to be Evil than any of the others, because that means Dave didn’t fail a mission when he could’ve.

I have no idea if me or Dave should fail the mission. So now I’m just asking scott to NC it.

All right, Dave failed it, but I signaled too hard. Mission 4 is not going down and thanks to Rowe I just realized we likely won’t get Overheard Conversation. Knock on wood! We are set if we don’t get that card.

Rowe’s team had no Evil so I’m guesses he’s a Power Role.

I’m having a hard time telling people they’re Evil. I feel kind of bad about it. I need to get thicker skin. Plus I’m worried about hitting Percival or someone I need to convince I’m Good.

Casey, I’m so sorry you were so marginalized, and I basically just made you unable to be Good. But if I’m made out as Evil, it’s going to cast some serious shade on Kane. Wait for your moment. Or we win first. Either way wink

Dave, I am going to seriously need an explanation with WHY IN THE HELL DIDN’T YOU FAIL MISSION 2?

Goddamn, I am happy we don’t get Overheard Conversation. That would’ve wrecked us most likely.

I think we’re about to win. I really do. Knock on wood!

And…maybe not.

I’m counting people on board with X, U, and Y.

rho21: W
scottagibson: Unclear
soondifferent: X
CF_Kane: W
CaseyRobinson: U
Dave_Perkins: ???
Snebmi: X
rowe33: U

I stopped taking notes at the end there, I was getting more wrapped up in playing the game than taking notes.


I do think it was funny all three Evils were in a row.


Good game everyone! I really was convinced of X since Dave failing team 2 makes no sense otherwise. Luckily I have a history of failing upwards in Avalon and saw that the knowledgeable good were going the other way.

Nice notes @Snebmi. I always mean to take notes in the various forum games but never get around to it. Really helps when someone on your team is on top of things. @rho21 and his tables were MVP.

Thanks for running this @Lantz!


I warned you about Dave and his ways! I think we would have been completely boned going down 0-2 at that point. His non fail made me doubt Scott a little. I did manage to guess the evil trio a bit ago, though I wasn’t 100% sure on Casey.

Thanks Lantz! And great notes, Snebmi. Always fun to read after action reports.