The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


If we were holding 2 NCs, we’d be in the same boat. Just bad luck that we got team-blocking cards before we got much in the way of information cards.


That’s 8P for you. Two plot cards a turn.

Interestingly enough, most people say eight is the best player count for Resistance. I guess they didn’t take plot cards into account?


There really isn’t much I can say. I got his identity and it was evil. I know that’s true, but I’m not sure what I can say that would convince you that it is more likely that I am telling the truth. It is kind of paralyzing, actually.

In any event, I like Dave’s team and will vote for it.


Team 2B Vote
@Dave_Perkins (leader)

Sorry for the delay, crazy days lately. @soondifferent if you would like to play Chicago Proxy remember to announce it in thread. Everyone would be allowed to change their vote except the person you target.

Outstanding votes have been poked.


This was requested, currently unchanged


Team 2B Vote Results
@Dave_Perkins (leader)

@rho21 - No
@scottagibson - No
@soondifferent - No
@CF_Kane - Yes
@CaseyRobinson - Yes
@Dave_Perkins - Yes
@Snebmi - Yes
@rowe33 - Yes

@scottagibson you have two card options for this situation: No Confidence | In the Spotlight


Well, we know evil voted for it. Please use one of those cards, @scottagibson.


Given that you are the evil player that voted for the team, I’m not sure if a veto is necessary here.


@Lantz I will not use the NC at this time

I will spotlight @Snebmi

Why @Snebmi? Because @Snebmi is getting the cards to distribute and picking the next team.


@Snebmi Please Vote Success/Fail In Thread

Other team members please submit your vote via PM:



Edit: bolded it because it didn’t look right.


Team 2B Mission Results
@Dave_Perkins (leader)

In Dramatic Order

Success - Spotlight of @Snebmi




We are all tied up 1-1.

Card Update:
@scottagibson No Confidence
@soondifferent Chicago Proxy

@Snebmi please distribute:
Establish Confidence: The Leader must show their Affiliation (Good/Evil) card to a player of their choice / Use immediately – The Leader must pass their Affiliation (Good/Evil) card to any other player for examination
Open Up: You must reveal your Affiliation (Good/Evil) card to one player of your choice / Use immediately – The player to whom the Leader passes this card must pass their Affiliation (Good/Evil) card to any other player (including the Leader) for examination. NB: The result (Good or Evil) will come from the moderator by PM


Well it seems like it’d be an awfully terrible idea to vote success on this mission if you were evil. Going up 2-0 on good would essentially be the end of the game. If we assume that’s the case, then we need to identify which of the remaining four is the final good player.

We could ask Casey to open up to Dave but can’t really extend the chain because Snebmi has to open up to someone as well. Any thoughts on the best way to proceed here?


I could Establish Confidence with Dave and Casey could Open Up to me. If you want Casey to Open Up to Dave that’s essentially the same thing. I think I’m going to give Casey or Kane Open Up, and see how I want to proceed from there. I’m happy to listen to input here. In a few hours if I haven’t heard anything that’s what I’ll do, though.


Well done team! I would be more than pleased to open up and/or establish confidence.


@CF_Kane @CaseyRobinson

If given Open Up, who would you reveal your identity to?


If that was the first card dealt, and EC hasn’t happened yet? Hmm, not really sure. I feel pretty good about the whole mission 2 crew, except maybe you since you were in the spotlight… But then we’re going to learn more about you real soon. So in short – Scott or someone on mission 2.


That sounds fine, I think to anyone else on team 2 except for Scott. Don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket.


Since there seems to be a consensus we need info on the Kane/Casey duo,

@Lantz: Open Up goes to @CaseyRobinson.


I admit I wasn’t paying too much attention in the beginning, since it didn’t seem like there was much information to be had. Just glanced over everything and this stuck out:

Possible signaling? This was right after CF_Kane’s proposed team (which we were stuck with thanks to Chicago proxy) but before the team vote.

So maybe Casey should open up to Snebmi, and Snebmi should establish confidence with either Dave or Rowe (or me, since I’m good, drink)