The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


Good morning, East Coasters and early risers! Or maybe people who just get up before noon. Weirdos. Anyway – @Lantz I’m going to open up to @Snebmi, since I know for sure he’ll be in the chain of trust.


We’re waiting on Lantz, so if you’d like to be efficient you can just post your loyalty in the chat. That would make this game a lot easier.


@Snebmi has been notified of @CaseyRobinson’s loyalty.


I can confirm that. I can also confirm that @CaseyRobinson is Evil.

With that in mind, I must distribute EC. I believe my choices are scott, Dave, and rowe. I could also EC to Kane now that I know Casey is Evil but it seems riskier - nobody else besides me and Kane have seen Casey’s card and Kane could still be (but is probably not) Evil.


I’ll distribute EC soon. I could look into voting records and team picks to see the one who’s “most good” or trust that all three are good and randomize it.


Should probably be between Scott and me since we’ve both consistently voted against Casey.



So, it’s likely that scott is good but since the mission failed anyway, I’m not necessarily going to count that as being of too much weight. The second mission counts for a lot though. So, scott is most likely Good.

Edit: If you are evil, though, there is no evidence that Casey failed it and not you? Casey is the one who’s been investigated twice but in the unlikely event you are Evil, you could’ve failed it and Casey could have played a success. I’m not going to mention the possibility that Kane is Evil here because I know for sure he told the truth about Casey.


Dave hasn’t changed his vote, which to me shows a lack of preference. He chose me on a mission, which makes me favor him a little bit more but obviously that doesn’t show much. He doesn’t have a single strike against him.


Something I noticed about rowe is that he changed his vote from a no to a yes when I was taken off the team and scott was subbed in. I don’t really know but that means. So I’d like to hear from him about why?

I don’t really know who to choose from among the three. Rowe, would you mind explaining your vote change between 1a and 1b?


Revised hypothetical Evil list if there was no Evil on M2:



Note: this is assuming only one of CF_Kane and CaseyRobinson is Evil. It could just as well be rho or soon taking CF_Kane’s Good spot.


No particular reason for it. I had no info at the time and saw no reason to favor one over the other. I was on both and if you’re Good, you’d see there would be advantage for an Evil version of me to say Yes to a team that subbed you out for Dave.



No, I understand that. I was just curious. From what I’ve seen right now, it seems to be a toss-up who I reveal to, and I don’t have a strong preference. However, making a choice can be seen as Evil, depending on the result. What if I choose you and you say I’m Good, but later someone else says I’m Evil? That would cast some serious suspicion on you. What if I choose you and you say I’m Evil? That also casts suspicion on you that I would choose you in the first place. All of which also cast suspicion on me. I don’t want to make the wrong choice.


Well Scott, I’m glad you went with the spotlight there, probably saved us going down 0-2.

@Snebmi all this analysis is great and everything, but now I’m super curious about who you EC with.


I’m pure as the driven snow this game (and frankly I cannot believe the “Dave is evil” trope finally died), so I hope you choose me @Snebmi.


@Snebmi, I don’t really see how you can choose to EC to anyone outside of team 2. You know more about them than anyone else except Casey. They all voted success even though they could not have been caught if they were evil.

Edit: Keep in mind that for the most part good is blind. Team votes can tell you who evil is, but they can’t tell you who good is.


I’m not grieving about having to EC with someone on that team. I’m trying to decide if there is a consensus on who I should EC to or if I should make a random choice.

I keep saying I want to EC with you or rowe or Dave. I just don’t know who. If you think you’re all 100% Good, though, I should pick someone at random? I’ve seen people get called out as Evil lightning fast for making mistakes and I don’t want that to happen to me. You’ve played this game by forum a lot more than I have. The last thing I want is valuable information and chances to win wasted because of a mistake.


Dave was not on the successful team, so choose between @rowe33 and me. I don’t care which.

Edit: Wait, he was. So I don’t care who you pick between us three. I’d prefer me, but choose whoever you’d like.


I used a random number Python program to generate the hypothetical names of possible reveals. I printed five names, in this order:

Dave Perkins
Dave Perkins
scottagibson (or Rowe, I forget the order)
Dave Perkins
rowe33 (could be Scott, I forget the order of these two names)

I Establish Confidence in @Dave_Perkins


Can’t use random number generators - you need to make the decision.

To add to that, it’s been a long-term unwritten rule (or maybe it’s written somewhere). Random generators can hide evil intentions, etc.


My apologies, I didn’t know. I haven’t seen that rule anywhere, sorry.


I think you can say oh, I just generated a number randomly and picked Dave but you can’t use some sort of proof that you did. If someone else remembers differently, please chip in. I’m 99% sure it’s come up before but can’t find anything offhand.


This is what I recall. You can claim to do something randomly, but you can’t post proof that you did.