The Resistance: Avalon - 2019 Match 2 Game Thread


I didn’t know, although I hope it doesn’t come across as Evil. All I can say is I didn’t know. I’ll delete the graphic, although I don’t know what good that’ll do now.

Edit: Hypothetically, if using Google Chrome and inspect element, one could manufacture that photo.


Well yeah, but in a friendly game we all kind of rely on the honor system :D Technically good & evil could also just be PMing each other all game long but that’d take the fun out of it.

The graphic doesn’t really matter now. If you’re picking Dave then it’s your choice to pick Dave & you’ll be judged or absolved accordingly!


I like that Snebmi’s screenshot constitutes proof in a game that is wall to wall lying. :)


Just as a point of order clarification:
A player is absolutely able to claim to have done anything for a random reason. E.g.: I flipped a coin at home that none of you could see between x and y and it was heads so x.

A player is not allowed to use a verifiable random method to make a decision. E.g.: If the Bulls score an odd number of points in their game later tonight I will do x and if it is even I will do y.

It breaks a great deal of the meta-game if you introduce the option for true random decisions.


The Bulls score points?


I was reusing an example from 1996.


@Dave_Perkins has been notified of @Snebmi 's affiliation.


@Snebmi is (drum roll) good. Not shocked…


Seems like we just need to try taking Kane with the 4 of us and see what happens. The only way Casey isn’t evil is if Dave, Snebmi, and Kane are the evil trip, which doesn’t make sense. In that case, Dave could’ve easily failed last mission with Snebmi sneaking through in the spotlight.


Team 3 is only 4 members anyway, just run team 2 again.


Yeah, probably should run team 2 for round 3. Team 4 is the time to experiment.



Team 3a:

I am running M2 again.


Accepting all votes.

@soondifferent if you choose to use Chicago Proxy please announce in channel.


I will be genuinely confused if this fails.


I won’t. I’m more confused about mission 2 passing.


I was bored and reading old stuff and I came across the game where this came up.

Partially to clear that up and partially because nobody’s posted anything in nineteen hours and this thread was getting quiet.


Team 3A Vote Results
@Snebmi (leader)

@rho21 - Yes
@scottagibson - Yes
@soondifferent - Yes
@CF_Kane - Yes
@CaseyRobinson - No
@Dave_Perkins - Yes
@Snebmi - Yes
@rowe33 - Yes

@scottagibson would you like to play No Confidence


I’m not as on board with this team as I was before.

I’m leaning towards asking Scott to use the NC because the only person who’s against this team is Casey, who I called out as a spy. I’d like to know why soon and rho are on board? I understand Kane as I see an argument that if I was Evil, I might call Casey as Good?

I’m becoming more and more convinced there’s an Evil on this team but I don’t know what we could change or how there’s a rationale for that. If it fails I could see how I am a scapegoat but now that Dave has confirmed me it strikes me odd that if he was Evil he wouldn’t vote Fail. At this point at least if the mission runs we’ll likely get confirmation someone was laying low, setting up trust - and me as someone to blame - only to fail it the next mission.

I’m convincing myself. Scott, this team is somehow probably Evil. I’d suggest use of the NC.


No Confidence in your own team. Young people these days!

Didn’t this exact team just succeed?


Yes, but the vote was 6-1 and the only dissenter was someone I personally called Evil and couldn’t vote yes. What rationale to soon and rho have for voting yes? Exactly two Evils voted yes from my perspective (of Casey being Evil) and from everyone else’s, it could be three. I’m not thrilled with that.