The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??


No, more like I think the team is compromised, and that I have one of the two NC cards and therefore know the threat is only present on team 4.

There is no compulsion for me to vote yes on what I think is a bad team.

But I also won’t argue against those who vote yes. I understand their position.


@Thraeg @Otthegreat and @Dave_Perkins are also left off too, but they all clearly succeeded on mission 1.


I propose we resend the successful mission 1 plus rho or rowe. Or both!


Well of course they’re left off. It’s pretty clear that either the Ot/Thraeg duo is evil or Dave & I are. Makes sense to leave all four of us off. Just not sure why Kane & you both left Craig off. He obviously didn’t fail mission 2 so I’m not sure why we’d go with unknowns over someone that seems most likely to be good.


Who’s dragging us down this time? Couple hours left to get your votes in, people!


Just waiting on @Dave_Perkins. If we reject enough missions, here’s what I will propose for Team 3z:

Dave Perkins

  1. I’m pretty sure moderators don’t get to pick teams.

  2. I’m not even a player.


Some additions to your list:

  1. At least 2 of that group are Evil.

  2. That’s a six-person team.

  3. 3z is twenty-one rejections past Evil winning.

I’m joking about the team, if that isn’t clear. But if we ever get to 3z or 4z or any z I reserve the right to pick that team.


It’s been 24 hours since the vote was called, past the usual deadline. I’ll give @Dave_Perkins another hour or so before I default his vote to a yes.


I should be able to within an hour. Very busy!


Since you’ve confirmed your presence, I can extend it to two hours from now.


I’ll just vote Yes here.



This quest shall pass!

@CraigM and @Thraeg, would either of you like to use No Confidence?


Looks like it should be nuked since at least 1 evil voted for it, no matter how you look at it.


I don’t see any requirement for that to be true. It’s certainly fairly likely though.


I mean I guess I could have put all 4 evils on the 2nd team and somehow secretly signaled that only one of us should fail it but it seems a bit unlikely!


Hah, yes. Good point.


If evil all voted yes for every dirty team and no for every clean team this game would be easier.


Just saying it’d be weird if Thraeg doesn’t use his NC when a player he says he knows is 100% evil voted to approve this team.


As indicated before, I will exercise my option to eliminate this team with extreme prejudice.

no confidence