The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??


I had a lot more confidence in Craig holding that card until he actually played it. I would have liked to have seen it play out with Thraeg choosing to use his or not first. I don’t see value in Good using a NC this early. Better to save it for mission 4 or 5 when it could save the game. Leads me to think a failed mission vote might’ve been the end of the game so its possible I voted incorrectly.


@Snebmi I will resubmit team number 3C

Team 3D


Can I do that? I will pause here for a ruling. Something just occurred to me in the minute after I posted because I am an idiot who doesn’t think enough.


@Snebmi I will resubmit team number 3C

Team 3D

On second thought, I think I am over thinking it and I am sticking to my guns!


For the record, I am stone cold sober right now and am not blaming being too high.


If you would like to resubmit Team 3C you can, it is not against the rules (just like you COULD retry Mission 2). Are you submitting your team, or do you still want to think it over?


I wasn’t asking if I could resubmit a team, I was asking if I could rescind a team I named. But I think that I probably both shouldn’t be able to and shouldn’t do it in this case. And I should go to bed.

That’s my team.


I think that since nobody voted for your team, you can still rename it. If someone had voted, it’s locked in. But if you would like that to be your team, I can call for votes.


Please do.


Please vote on Team 3D.


I vote Yes on this, officially.


Still waiting on a vote from @Otthegreat.




It’s almost unanimous!


@Thraeg, would you like to nullify this team with No Confidence?


Yeah, I’d totally spike that team.


Bonus reason to spike it, if you don’t trust Scott @Thraeg, it would prevent him from getting both sets of cards.


If you’re good, best to let Thraeg sort this one out on his own.


No, I won’t use it. I’m suspicious of Rho and Scott, but I don’t know any of them are evil for sure, and spiking this would mean we HAVE to approve whatever team Scott comes up with for 3E, and then he will get another turn with Strong Leader. Better to keep it in reserve in case someone names one of the people I know is evil.


It’s kind of creepy to know someone is evil and watch them write stuff like this as if they aren’t. I’ve never gotten used to it. It’s like – dude, you’re totally lying. But I am the only one who knows right now!


Counterpoint: you and @rowe33 know if he is lying.

And (possibly) Rho?