The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??


Yes sorry about the delay! I wasn’t anticipating the game getting going so fast. I’ll have a lot more time next week when I’m back from this outing’s equivalent of tent sorting.

And I know there’s nothing I can say to convince people, but I know I’m glad to know at least two good players.


Hrm, I am pretty surprised that so many people are cool with the first team going, particularly when we started out with the all time classic ‘I forgot what the cards are even though this is my 700th game and I like to spend my spare time discussing the metagame’ manuever.

Dave didn’t even pretend that the mistake was because he was on his bike and it began to rain…


No, I guess I’ll hang onto it. I can’t be sure about Dave or Ott’s allegiance, but I don’t see any reason to feel better about a different team, so might as well stay the course.


Confirming Team 1A is a go. Team members, please send me your SECRET mission vote: remember Good must vote Success and Evil can vote Success or Fail. Even if you are Good, still send me a confirmation to reduce metagaming based on account activity.

Still waiting on votes from @Dave_Perkins and @Thraeg.


You wait back at the base for your friends on the quest to come home, and when they do, they have the shield of Success held high!

Votes: Success, Success, Success

I was going to write something longer but I figured I should just post the results this time.

Score: Good 1, Evil 0

@rowe33 is the next leader. Your cards to distribute are:

Overheard Conversation
Take Responsibility
No Confidence


Ah, a good start then.


Thraeg, don’t forget that you can use your Eye card to help us figure out the voting situation in a mission. It likely wouldn’t have made sense to play it on the first mission since it’s often passed by any Evil on the team anyways.

Wish we had some more voting data togo by but at least we have an OC to start out here. I’m inclined to give it to Ot so he can look at Thraeg.


We’re pre-sleeper phase so Thraeg only has one loyalty card so it seem inefficient to have it checked twice by the same person…


No, my bad, I have it backwards. Inclined to give OC to Thraeg so he can check Ot, sorry. That way their fates are intertwined so they’re both either Good or Evil with no discrepancy.


Keeping a Close Eye is used after a mission, if this had failed Thraeg could still use it.


I’m usually the one calling out others for screwing up the cards - I’m rusty!


It is used before the mission success/failure is announced. It has to be used before the mission result cards are “shuffled” so it has to be used before they are turned over. So once you announced success (or failure if that had been the case) it could not be used. The moderator should query the card holder(s) before announcing the results.

That said, it doesn’t hurt for the player to remind the moderator that they might use it during the vote process.


The way I’ve always played it is if you use it, you hand the player a Success/Fail pair and they just give you the one they used, you don’t have to announce its use before the results are revealed. If you would like, we can play you have to announce it but the way I’ve seen it in other threads you don’t.


I’d argue for using the cards to spread out our knowledge, not confine it to people who have already shown the hallmarks of being good.


Ultimately it is the moderator’s call, but we’ve always played that it is pre-reveal. It seems to massively upgrade the card’s powers if you get to only use it on failed missions. We should definitely get a ruling from you before the next vote so everyone can adjust strategy.



The Eye is a pre-reveal card. Team members submit votes first, then Eye holder decides if he wants to examine one, then that one is revealed if so.


Make a chain. If Otis checked Thraeg, then have someone check Otis, or have Thraeg check someone else.


Normally I’d 100% agree with you but I could have the unique chance to make sure we pass mission 2 if both Thraeg & Ot are Good, pretty much putting the nail in Evil’s coffin.

But it probably works better for the other Good folks to do the chain so probably makes more sense to have Thraeg check Dave .


This was “settled” in game 13 :P