The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??

Out of curiosity, where did you guys play games if it wasn’t here?

@Lantz I’ll take a turn at some point but I’m neck-deep in work right now. So if you’re up to moderate a game that would be great, thanks!

I’m pretty sure our replacement card (for Opinion Maker? Or Spotlight) was something called Chicago Proxy, which lets the holder cast someone else’s team vote. Is that right?

I dunno, I’ve always felt that if I’m evil and on the team and holding the Eye, then I’m the one who casts the fail vote and uses the Eye to blame someone else. But if that’s predictable for evil, it’s also predictable for good.

GG All, thanks for running it @Snebmi!

On Slack! If you want an invite, lemme know.

Sounds like at least @Snebmi thinks that I (as Percival) should have done … something else?

I don’t mean to be rude, I apologize. I just thought you were screwed over by the original giving the cards to Thraeg thing. I’m sorry if it came off wrong.

I don’t know much about slack but if you could get me an invite that would be great.

Just PM me an email address and you’ll get an invite, good sir!

And I didn’t mean to sound put off. I’m genuinely curious as to what you (or anyone) thinks Percival should do in the game. I like strategy.

I usually play 5p, so if Percy can find Merlin he has one Evil, and his job is to find the other and tell the last good player and/or take the Assassin’s dagger. In 5p, if the Assassin randomly guessed who Merlin was they would have a 1/3 chance of getting it right. Eliminate one misguided Loyal Servant and it’s 50/50.

Of course, if my “I’m Merlin guys these two are Evil” brother is Percival and one of the Merlins is next to him, he’ll nudge them and ask for the Evil players. More times than not he’ll have the correct Merlin and not Morgana. But of course that’s risky and doesn’t work over forum.

(Hey! Ignore this is you aren’t Merlin! Merlin: who’s Evil?)

Sorry for the delay, stuff came up. Please sign up for the next game. Maybe @ChristienMurawski @fire @soondifferent @Perky_Goth @jeffreyb @Jorn_Weines or @Navaronegun would be interested…

@Dave_Perkins @rowe33 @CraigM @CF_Kane @CaseyRobinson @scottagibson @rho21 @Otthegreat @Thraeg @Snebmi

I am limited in people per post so there’s two…

I’m in, but willing to yield my seat to fresh meat.

I’m in as well.

That’s a lot of people :) I’m pretty sure I’d make a lot of mistakes and the pace is a bit too hectic, so maybe another time, when I get the dynamic a bit better.

I’ll yield my seat if you want it. It’s a great game, you’ll enjoy it.

I’ll pass.

I’m in!

I’d like to play, if there’s room.

Bit late on this, but that was more or less my thinking. I figured most Evils, and maybe especially a newer player, wouldn’t want to risk going down by 2 and so would vote Fail. I also thought the risk of a double failure at that point when both Thraeg and I were already suspicious was almost as bad as a second successful mission.

I’ll pass on the next game. I’ll be away again early next month, only this time without any internet at all.

I’ll play, assuming my spot isn’t needed for someone who wasn’t in the last game.

Same here!