The Resistance: Avalon + The Plot Thickens Forum Game #??

I assume this is a Resistance game?

Thanks for the offer, but I will sit this one out!

I’ll play if there’s room etc.

Hmm, so listening to last weeks GWJ podcast I came across something that may be worth mixing in the rotation

Moderator can play, Forensic Scientist is mechanically the moderator
There is no end game logic solved but go through the motions
May work better as PBF than in person due to the absence of physical tells and tics, and reduce metagaming from that (especially from the FS role)
Quicker turnaround, due to lack of voting
Still get to shank someone if you want
No useless cards
Less chance driven
May not have copy at game store
Fewer special roles
Mechanical ‘cleanness’ also makes it more deduction critical
Less lucky or Hail Mary plays


I’ll also play if there’s room, or thunderdome, etc.

I’ll spin this off in the forum game thread.

I think that’s interesting and worth a go, I’d be happy to play.


Player sign-ups:
Dave Perkins
soondifferent (if I read that comment correctly)

Also @Perky_Goth?

It would take more focus to get into all the nuance than I can give it right now, and there’s other things that need priority.
Thanks, maybe a while from now.

My only thought is that you should stop forgetting that you’re playing in the Rome game.

I’m going to give this until tonight to see if we can fill up the game because I think 10 is a lot better, but otherwise we’ll role with 8 tonight.

We will be replacing the two:
(2) Opinion Maker: You must Vote first and publicly for the rest of the game

(2) Chicago Proxy: You may play this card before a Party Vote to take away one player of your choice’s vote and vote twice yourself.

What do you think of this card? I don’t mean to play with for this game, but just in general:

That Never Happened: Cancel the effects of a played plot card (ie, someone plays No Confidence, you play That Never Happened, they lose the No Confidence but the team goes through anyway).

Also, if we have eight players, we remove a Loyal Servant and Oberon, correct?

Get it!