"The Rest" Is Gone

RIP. You were always sexier than some movie star.

She was always the one. Ginger reminded me of older ladies. Like moms. Mary Ann was hot.

Tina Louise wins the Gilligan’s Island tontine.

Unfortunately, she has to go back to the island to retrieve it. What madcap adventure will she find there? And will she remember that the tontine consisted of a big coconut filled with smaller coconuts?

That’s sad. Count me in the Mary Ann > Ginger group, But let’s be real, they’re both very attractive ladies.

Dawn Wells def had a prettier face. Tina Louise was good in a bunch of sword and sandal movies before she was on Gilligan’s Island. She was carrying a bit more weight and was boombastic.

She graduated from my alma matter, although 3 decades before I did. She graduated the same year Bruce Lee began studying drama. Two icons of the sixties at UW at the same time.

And before she went to UW, she was a Stephens College girl in CoMo, which, huh. I may have to reassess my opinions of the wholesomeness of Miss Wells.


Died from Covid related issues too. Man, what a shitfest 2020 has been.

She was my favorite castaway and the same for many a young male. And I’m sad to hear she’s now gone. RIP Mary Ann. You’ll be missed, and not just by the professor.

Amen, brother. Also, this was way before my (our?) MILF phase. Mary Ann > a lot.