The Return of Commodore

They don’t make it completely clear if the thing will be running old Commodore games, or if it’s purely a case of cashing in on a brand (of dubious value this many years later). If it can run, say, MULE, that’d be pretty neat.

Commodore says it wants developers to create content for the devoice, which will then be sold via kiosks in selected retail outlets.

Whats a Devoice?

It’s aaaaaah divorce of course!

I dunno about a $700 handheld.

Article suggests 5 games will come with. Any ideas on which games? Or how much of original Commodore library will eventually become available?

Considering most of the good Commodore Library is owned by someone else, I don’t see this being real value.

The article says another 90 will be available for download.

I might be tempted, but you can get some stuff on the PC as it is, and Karateka is already out for the Palm.

I loved playing Airborne Ranger on the C64, but I don’t know if I would ever pay to play those old games with emulators out there.

Jeez, this and iRiver, these niche game handhelds just don’t stop!