The Return of System Shock?

Looks like EA filed a trademark for System Shock yesterday. It’ll be interesting to see if they can do anything interesting with it…maybe go head to head with BioShock when it comes out? :)

As much as I would like to enjoy the hate EA hit parade, it would be awkward especially considering that I work for EA and enjoy it. I’ll only remind folks that Doug Church is now lead designer at EA LA, a studio that has just established a formal relationship with Steven Spielberg. I have no clue as to what’s going on, but I enjoy baseless speculation as much as the next guy.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

It wouldn’t be System Shock without a Ken Levine script, though.

He wrote the script for the first? I didn’t know that.

All I know is that if they put Shodan on the cover of System Shock '07 then she’s probably going to have a really bad season and end up with a torn rotator bit or some other injury.

Fuck Spielburg games, Church is the real deal. I was in pre-mourning at the EA-SysShock news (despite having learned a valuable lesson from Charles about pre-judging with Thief: DS). But Jim’s post just made my year.

It might not actually mean anything. I presume there is some low level guy in EA legal who has a BIG ARSE LONG list of every computer game title remotely “franchisable” that he has to work through and get trademarked / protected, in descending order of “franchiseableness”

I mean “System Shock” already got to number 2 so it is a franchise already.

Erm? Is that a reference to a different Charles? Or are you referencing an event that I don’t remember?


As I recall, though, you were the lone voice in the wilderness imploring us to reserve judgement as we rent our raiment and wailed over the news that Deadly Shadows would have a 3rd person camera option.

Afterwards, when the qt3 reviews started coming out and were positive, there was an after-school-special about it that ended with “We all learned a valuable lesson from Charles that day, in that…”

Actually, that part of the memory might have been all the drugs.

Actually, no, I remember that now. I had forgotten about the Qt3 vitriole which met the announcement of Thief:DS being on console. heh.

And a bikini.

I’d love to see another system shock that explored the depth of the cooperative multiplayer that SS2 offered. However… I don’t really expect positive evolution from a company like EA, regardless of who’s at the helm.

It surely isn’t good news if a company that isn’t Looking Glass (R.I.P.) or Irrational files a trademark on System Shock.
At least there’s Bioshock to look forward to. I hope there’s some news on that soon. Do you hear me, Herr Levine?

I believe Levine (here or elsewhere) said Bioshock would make a substantial appearance at E3.

Cool! Last year felt like I had zero to look forward to at the show. I just kinda wandered around saying ‘meh’

I’m wondering if I can ever be wowed again by a pre-release game. I don’t really think it’s possible. The best games do nowadays is mild curiosity, or a basic interest in their setting. But nothing is quite as fantastic to me as the unveiling of MGS2 at E3 2000 was.

Well, this year should be a good year to visit E3. I mean…there’s gotta be actual footage of the PS3 by then…right? RIGHT? :P

Spore. I am expecting nothing less than the best game ever.

Just don’t get too excited. It’s a very experimental concept, and probably the most ambitious design you’ll see in your lifetime. I really hope they’ll succeed, but right now I’m rather expecting it go go all MOO3 on Will Wright. Good luck to him and his team.