The return of Tom vs. Bruce

Title The return of Tom vs. Bruce
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When May 29, 2012

My entire career as a writer has been based on talking about games as a shared experience. We play games, singly or in groups, and then we talk with each other about them. In that way, they are no different than movies, music, or books..

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Oh my heavens YES! I have never supported a kickstarter, but there are two that I've always wanted to: Tom vs Bruce and a return of the CGW/GFW Brodeo podcast.

I'll gladly support. Also, I still have almost all of my old Tom vs Bruces! Now I need to spread the word.

Man, you are so getting forced to replay Deus Ex. Anyone collecting yet?

Woah. Awesome!

Thanks, Ricardo.

And don't worry, I won't tell Bruce you said that!

I pledged! And thanks for all (free) articles, reviews and podcasts! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to Tom vs Bruce.

p.s. I imagined that Geryck would look like a dwarf or at least would have a beard... looks more elvish to me...

I can play Starflight tonight, or pay to get two underlings to play it for me. I...can't...decide...

Tom you've given me so much tremendous content for free over the years I'd be more than happy to help fund this.

Alright, I'm behind this.

But why do you have to discriminate against us non-Americans, Tom? Couldn't you do the almost universal "add $10 for international shipping" option? I want my snazzy t-shirt.

Promise us the shirts won't be red and you've got my support.

So awesome - I'm in! I hope you ship those t-shirts on time, since I'm only a US resident for a few more months...

Larsen, that's a good point. I will check out the international shipping rates and we can make an appropriate reward tier.


Tom + Bruce = TAKE ALL MY F'ING MONEY!!!

Watched the video on the Kickstarter page. Can I say, Tom and Bruce look *nothing* like I had pictured in my head from listening to the Three Moves Ahead and QT3 podcasts. Especially Bruce! I had always pictured him looking something like George RR Martin. And Tom. He is practically bald! Total shock.

Backed, you sexy beasts. It was your Tom vs. Bruce on Dominions 2 that put me over the edge and made me pick up Dom3. Good luck to both of you!

I love that brof upthread says Bruce looks like an elf. Do they have those in George RR Martin?

Wow, a Kickstarter that may actually make me kick in...

Fixed! See latest update and new tier.

Kicked! Wait... maybe I mean 'Started!'? It's hard to know.

Thanks for your swift work, Doc.