The Riches

Anyone else catch this tonight? I caught an ad for it and watched it tonight, very much hooked. It’s got Eddie Izzard, Minnie Driver, and some other people I vaguely recognize, as a family of white gypsies that take over the life of a family they accidentally killed. It’s funny and dramatic, almost has a “Weeds” vibe to it, but without the pot or innocence.

Sounds fantastic!

Minnie Driver

Dooooh… NO SALE!

Yeah, I would be all over this show just for Eddie Izzard alone, but after seeing the commercials it just looks like another wacky hijinks show to me. But I should probably give it a fair shake.

It was a pretty serious drama with some mild comdey breaks. Definitely not a hijinks show. Feels like Big Love crossed with Weeds.

Good comparison (though I didn’t watch either show much).

I’ll give it several episodes on Izzard and Gregg Henry alone. I hope they give Minnie Driver a reason to lose that accent - it’s painful. It’s also probably accurate, but if I wanted to hear that accent, I’d go visit relatives.

Caught this one as well, based on Eddie Izzard alone. I liked it, and look forward to future eps. The show also gave me bad flashbacks of dealing with stupid thieving gypsies while working retail in Jersey.

I thought this show was pretty cool too. Eddie Izzard was awesome as Professor Bedlam in my Super Ex-Girlfriend

Yes and no. He’s a bit too effeminate in his mannerisms to really sell his interest in G-Girl as thwarted love instead of villainy, but otherwise he was good in the role.

… but the part where he kept the rock in the fridge next to the ham was great.

Well he is an executive transvestite after all…

That’s a good gag, but I’d give credit for it to the writer/director. I doubt Eddie said “Hey, let’s put a ham in the fridge!” He could have, certainly, but little touches like that are a Reitman trademark.

Minnie Driver has to be the worst con artist/gypsie ever. When she locked herself out of the house, and then when she found the cash in the lawnchair she was such a bait-out I wanted someone to just take her away. No wonder she’s the one that ended up in jail.

I liked the father and the daughter characters but it was way too FX-ey for me. It seems like every single dramatic series on FX is extremely dark and soul sucking so that, even with the well-written and acted series, I walk away from each show feeling a little bit depressed.

Also, Minnie Driver overacts worse than Nicholas Cage.

Agreed with all of the above, although a robust ability to suspend disbelief when motivated can be helpful. Minnie Driver acts best, I think, when her character is helping another character con someone.

I’m at ep. 104. I may be just passing the time while I wait for more Heroes and Lost.

Nicholas Cage acts?

Oh, and I liked this show when I saw it. Eddie Izzard really does a great job making this believable. Because, lets face it, the story makes no sense.