The Ricky Gervais Show (TV version)

Anyone else watching this? It’s an animated version of his podcast, of which I’m a huge, huge fan, and I’ve really been enjoying it despite already having heard the material at least two or three times already.

I’m loving it. I haven’t heard the podcasts, so I spend each show marveling at the truly astonishing things that come out of Karl’s mouth. Terrific animation style, too.

Awesome. If you want to delve deeper into Karl’s world without spoiling the podcasts/shows for yourself, check out their old XFM radio show. It’s not as well recorded as the podcasts, but it’s just about as great, plus you get a chance to see how it evolved. Also, nothing passes long car trips faster.

I’ve been disappointed with the TV show. I think the limits of the medium of animation really take away from the unbridled craziness coming out of Pilkers mouth.

I’ll second the recommendation to check out the podcasts and old XFM stuff. You will never laugh so much as when you hear Ricky, Steve and Karl bickering over Rockbusters and Monkey News.

One hilarious thing that they understandably cut out of the TV show is Ricky’s laughter. Every time he starts to cackle, just imagine that it actually went on for over a minute with him just gasping for air, choking out “Steve… Steve…” and so forth, because that’s what happened in real life. It’s pretty great.

Ricky’s laugh is horrible in the old XFM shows - bad mastering: if you crank the volume enough to hear what Karl’s saying, Ricky will make your ears bleed - but works a lot better in the podcasts. A good example would be the Mr. Dilkington bit where him and Steve can’t even breathe to finish a sentence.

The cobbler bit was alright, but Rory Binks did the Monkey Builder much better. That man is a fucking genious when it comes to RSK.