The Riftbreaker (TD/ Survival-ARPG/BaseBuilder) 2020

This looks good! A youtuber did a few letsplay videos for it here:

Wishlisted it!

This looks cool, an actual survival game! I’ve gotten a bit jaded by games promising surival, but its just against dying of hunger…which is well covered by now.

I saw over on their discord, if you sign up there, that they have applications for being in the closed testing.

The developer has been streaming on Mixer, yeah I know Mixer, which is why I only recently found out about it. :)

Here was today’s stream. Looking good!

Gameplay starts around 12 minutes in.

Anyone have time to try the demo for this?

I am hoping to get a few minutes with it tonight after work.

I got some time in today before the demo goes away, it was fantastic.

Day 1 buy for sure.

Certainly looks great, though I don’t think I’ll have a chance to get to the demo myself.

How does it compare to their previous game X-Morph, if you’ve had a chance to try that one?

Needs Moar Tooltips.

The demo was a demo of what your experience will be like when you do an actual mission. So you are in a simulation of what a mission will be like. Neat twist to learn the ropes.

So dropped on a planet, build base, lots of walls and towers, get resources, defend base against incoming waves.

Scout around for new areas to build smaller bases, link with teleport rifts, stuff like that.

I even found a semi-boss of sorts in the top left of the map, it took a lot of rockets to the face to kill it.

Survive till extraction, if you can.

Sounds right up my alley. I’ve been watching this one, but will move it further up the wishlist.

Can you? I got overwhelmed in the second (final?) wave and the voiceover suggested that was inevitable, but it would be interesting if it isn’t.

Nope I didn’t survive. And my walls were 6 layers deep.

I assume there will be more tower types, I didn’t get to mess around with them much.

I finished the Prologue yesterday and enjoyed it, though playing with a controller is a lot more unwieldy than a mouse and keyboard! While the Prologue makes out that you can’t fend off that last wave… apparently you can, and you get an alternative ending. I tried for that today and it took me a good few hours to research all the new tech, stock ammo and build up the resources and energy to power all my defences. I wasn’t feeling confident exactly, but it was the best I could do.

I was about to pull the trigger on the final wave then… it crashed :’-( GUTTED.

I will say this though: there’s a lot more in the Prologue than meets the eye. Basically if you’re trying to conquer that final wave then it’s a totally different game as you start climbing the research tree and exploring new tech. Flamer towers, rail gun towers, artillery towers, flora planters and collectors, short ranger radars, tower ammo factories, repair drones–none of this is hinted at during the demo if you follow the instructions, it’s all buried in the menus to explore.

It’s like Factorio-lite, Helldivers, Defense Grid and Revenge of the Titans rolled into one, which is a very exciting mix to me.

Yeah, I saw that, looks very nice! Alas, I don’t think I have the horsepower for such pretty. Not yet, anyway…

So does this mean RTX cards will benefit even though they’re partnering with AMD?

Also, in case people don’t read the link:

The prologue is a great slice of the game too, particularly if you decide to ignore the objectives and explore the research tree.

Coming to Gamepass, thanks @Rock8man

If it ends up overall as good as the demo, the Developer is still getting a Steam purchase out of me!

Woah, it already has its own thread! Looks around in wonder. Impressive.