The Riftbreaker (TD/ Survival-ARPG/BaseBuilder) 2020

I had been placing individual power connectors, the dude just drags them where he wants to go and they all auto place.

Yeah, I saw that, too. Totally didn’t realize you could do that. Speaking of tips, I learned a bunch from loading screens going between mission regions. They were actually useful for once!

I love how he forget to put up defense towers, in a tower defense game.

Meh. I have very few, as noted above. When I get a message that a horde is coming, it marks the places on the map edge they’re coming from. I just go out near the two closest ones, and when they start to appear, kite them toward the third and take care of them out in the jungle. Very few ever get near my base.

I’m still not sure if I’m enjoying this or not. Partly because of the continual nest nonsense.

I realise this has tower defence elements that call for frequent waves of enemies, but holy shit do I not want to hear them announced any more.

I burned out a nest because the game told me I should and because I was getting tired of the constant “a new wave of enemies is on their way from a nearby nest, you should find it and destroy it!” only to find out that five minutes after killing it a new one pops up, triggering all the same messages over and over.

Never mind that I have the planet soaked in so many mines the minimap is yellow and newborn bugs are sucked into a gravity mine with their entire family before taking their first breath.

Please do tell me when the big timed wave is coming because I’ll probably need to wade through a field of blood and chitin to replant my mines, but shut up about the nests already.

This is what I meant by the game’s “paint” interface. When I’m stomping around in the mech on a hostile planet, it’s super easy for me to put down the controller, take up the mouse-and-keyboard, and then – swish swish swish – I’ve painted a little outpost of fully upgraded carbonium mines with banks of solar energy panels and wind turbines, with an energy cell to get through nighttime and rough weather events, with an AI hub to support some defenses and a repair tower, and a wall around the whole shebang. I don’t even need a doorway in the walls because I can reach everything easily with the mouse cursor.

It’s the same with pipelines and power connections. I can just swish swish swish them across the screen. Or, I can set it up where I pick up the controller and walk across the terrain, laying power connectors, pipelines, flooring, or walls in my wake. Basically, dropping infrastructure as I travel. It’s really easy once you get used to it and once you learn what little bits and bobs you need to drop in any given situation.

If you destroy nests, not only will the messages stop, but they won’t spawn the things that are bothering you. :) I know that may sound obvious, but I was confused early on about the difference between routine spawns and nests. You can’t do anything about the former, but the latter is an event to which you should react.


Well, Hell. I lost an hour or so of play due to some sort of save bug. It’s happening on the goddamn acid zone, where I have to set up an outpost to mine Palladium, as if that zone wasn’t annoying enough already. I keep getting an error message when it tries to autosave. I just played through the first few times, thinking it wouldn’t matter, or it’d resolve itself, but when I went to save it manually, it came up with the same error, and I realized the latest autosave point on the list was 45 minutes earlier. I can teleport back to HQ and it’ll save fine, then set a new autosave when I portal back to the zone, and I can save there manually immediately, but if it tries to autosave five minutes later, it borks. I’ve already got the outpost in the volcanic zone before that, and have since moved on to the outpost in the Cobalt zone, and am having no problems. Hopefully when I go back to the Palladium one, it’ll have resolved itself (or have gotten patched).

Incidentally, I’ve gotten better at the turrets- I had several set during the Titanium Outpost mission. But eh.

That was my point and problem! I destroyed the nest and then five minutes later there was a new one and all the same voice messages again.

If destroying the nest is just going to make a new one spawn I may as well leave the first one.

If you decide to try the mission again before a patch:


Find the Skull icons on the map, you can use one wind turbine and one radar in various spots around the map to find them easier. There should be one to three.

After the skulls are destroyed you will be able to save as normal, even if it failed to save beforehand.

The acid resistant floors are helpful as the plant cannot spread onto them.

There’s a bit of RNG involved but generally speaking taking one out should get rid of them for an hour or two.

I think if you leave it alone though, it continues to send harder and harder waves at your base. Destroying it “resets” the next next back to a lower level again. Maybe. Doesn’t address your issue, but ignoring it might cause new ones.

Has anyone tried to build a containment wall and towers around a nest area?

The area around the nests looks like someone coloured it with a yellow highlighter I have so many mines down, so I guess I’ll see how long it takes for them to get through those.

In sim racing there’s an app called Crew Chief that’ll tell you things like lap times, gaps to other cars, tyre temps, weather updates etc and at any point you can say Geoff, stop telling me that and they’ll cut that info out.

Geoff, stop telling me about nests.

I’ve seen those on the map via personal radar already, but I was avoiding doing anything to them because Ashley made a comment about destroying the ecosystem. So I was hoping to do that map without killing them off. There was a patch this morning, though, so I’ll hope that fixed it. If not, I’ll kill one or two of them off, and see if that fixes the problem- some folks on reddit mentioned that the fields wither if you do that (freeing up memory).

I finished the cobalt base. Now I’m concentrating on upgrading my HQ- I’m only at level 3 or something. Damn near maxed out all the tech trees I have access to at that level.

Oh, Ashley, you sweet summer child. I have incinerated, irradiated, toxically dissolved, and even nuked thousands of plants and animals on this planet in order to secure the minerals I need. It’s all in the name of progress! The ecosystem can go pound sand.

That said, I am also building nurseries to grow and cultivate native plants, so it’s not like I’m a complete monster.


Well, yeah. But I’m trying to be better.

I tried to be better. Once.

I just played the Prologue and it seems like a cool game that will eventually grind me into dust because I’m horrible at switching modes and doing things quickly.

For balance I’m hoping Terra Nil is out by the time I finish The Riftbreaker! haha

Well, I basically finished this. I do like the setting and general atmosphere and while I did get my money’s worth out of it, it’s ultimately disappointing.

The main reason for that is that it’s a mile wide and an inch deep. Like most techs are just +1 variants. Or you can get a lot of different weapons, but you only need the flamethrower, the grenade launcher and any kinetic damage weapon to beat everything easily.

Then there is the map jumping, which is largely pointless as you don’t need it. I only did the missions to unlock all the stuff in the techtree and then I never had to go back to any of them. The deposit maps? Skipped. Just set up a few cultivators with the correct plant and you’re good.

The worst thing, however, are the mobs; they either stand around like pinatas for you to wack, or they invade in the dumbest way possible making a beeline for whichever thing is closest. Which makes it super easy to funnel them into kill zones.
Not to mention that having thirty different mobs is pointless when they all show this same behaviour and their resistances/vulnerabilities are largely irrelevant.

I’m now at the final step in the campaign, and I’m probably not going to bother doing it as it just involves spending an hour building more power/defenses to fend off the final wave. A wave that is exactly as boring as all the previous ones, just bigger.

I don’t regret spending my time with the game, but man… it could have been so much better and more interesting.