The Riftbreaker (TD/ Survival-ARPG/BaseBuilder) 2020

Chance for a free GPU:

I stand a chance with CEST!

Yeah going same route! The game looks brilliant!


I still love Depths of Peril and the subsequent iterations.

Yeah. Sold.

The prologue tutorial kicked my ass. I’ve never played a tower defense game this hard. I was doing ok until my guns ran out of ammo. Then I didn’t have enough resources to build more gun towers or walls and then the enemy came in and killed my power generator and resource extractor. What the hell kind of tutorial is this?

This is like the Dark Souls of tower defense games.

You aren’t supposed to survive the prologue, though some players have.

Full install is live on GamePass.

Put the quote on the back of the box and it will sell more!

We need an analogue of Godwin’s Law for Dark Souls and games. ;)

So I should skip the prologue? I thought that was the tutorial? I guess maybe that’s why the prologue option was below the single player campaign option maybe.

Oh god, is it really Dark Souls style of play? I was interested in trying this up until I saw that.

No no no, its not like Dark Souls, lol. Tom is playing and enjoying it I believe. And he is the worst at anything Dark Souls. :)

It’s not that style. It’s a tower defense game. But in order to build the towers and the walls, you need to build a base and mine resources, and the world has no clear places to put the walls and the towers, so you just have to put them where you can. I’m sure it will just take me some time to adjust. Tower defense games are usually a lot more defined, in that there’s obvious places to put towers, etc.

I’m wondering if I can build walls in front of towers. Because I built, going south to North, wall, wall, wall, wall, turret, wall, wall, wall. And guess what, the enemy went straight for the turret and destroyed it and got in. So the walls were useless. I guess if the turrets can shoot over the walls maybe I can build a wall and then put a turret behind the wall.

The dev made X-Morph: Defense before, so I guess you can expect something similar.

BTW, this is available on GOG as well:

Yes, you need to place wall in front of the tower, preferably in double layer. You need to find choke point in map to place wall and tower to maximize the return of resources. In this regard, this game is like “they are billions”.

Holy cow. If you’re that passionate about this, it’s got to be amazing.

One question. After looking at this and their previous game X-Morph I’m concerned it’s got too many action arcade shooty bits? Kinda hoping it’s at the same level of Factorio.

Well…out for 2 weeks after surgery…downloading this now…looks cool.

The action is very much like an action-RPG or twin-stick shooter. Lots of running backwards while you shoot/punch oncoming swarms. But the difficult combats aren’t about reflexes so much as figuring out vulnerabilities of specific enemies, ammo management, and navigating the environment. There are also some parts of the game that are a bit like the “commando” levels in an RTS, where you go in to fight rather than build a base. Nothing you can’t handle if you’ve ever played an action RTS.


I bought it “blind” after Tom’s reaction to the game. But I’ve heard lots of good things about X-Morph, so it’s not a “totally blind” thing - the devs definitely know what they’re doing.

Played about an hour on the XSS. Runs good, graphics are pretty. I don’t really like twin stick shooters but I enjoy base defense type games. Playing on Easy to get used to all the systems. Thought it was more of a quick mission kind of thing but built the Communication Hub which enables you to research more items to build and use and wow, it’s a pretty large research tree. 3 trees actually. I need to change my mindset and think long term now. It’s cool so far.