The Riftbreaker (TD/ Survival-ARPG/BaseBuilder) 2020

I’ll definitely be picking this up. The demo prologue thing was fantastic!

Damn you @geggis got me watching the edges of that Xbox logo for something I don’t see , lol.

Looks like this will be a Fall 2021 release, lots of new stuff added recently.

BETA has arrived, looks like the demo got updated also.


Good! Looking forward to this one!

This releases in 2 weeks! Much hype!

Yes I saw it featured prominently in Game Pass’ Coming Soon section now that all the other big releases are out.

1 moar week!

I was about to come start a thread because this game is going to need it. I’ve been played a review build for the past few days, so I’m not sure how it differs from the demo/prologue that was released earlier.

I always knew from @Steven_Peeler’s excellent games that an action RPG with a wider context is better than an action RPG that’s just about killing stuff and taking their loot. But it never occurred to me that there was a hole in my life shaped like Mindustry/Anno as an action RPG. Ye gods, what an insidious invention for how it spans multiple maps, not to mention multiple genres. The crafting, the fighting, the resource management, the base-building, the intricate tech tree, the lovely graphics! I’m in logistics heaven!


So you are staying, at least a 2 star review? ;)

OK, I was going to pick this up anyway but now I’m going to pick it up and studiously not play it until I have time for it to totally consume my life, as anything with that description is likely to do.

Yeah it’s on gamepass, but my time with the demo/prologue has me wanting to get it on Steam just to support the indy developers behind this awesome game.

Chance for a free GPU:

I stand a chance with CEST!

Yeah going same route! The game looks brilliant!


I still love Depths of Peril and the subsequent iterations.

Yeah. Sold.

The prologue tutorial kicked my ass. I’ve never played a tower defense game this hard. I was doing ok until my guns ran out of ammo. Then I didn’t have enough resources to build more gun towers or walls and then the enemy came in and killed my power generator and resource extractor. What the hell kind of tutorial is this?

This is like the Dark Souls of tower defense games.

You aren’t supposed to survive the prologue, though some players have.

Full install is live on GamePass.