The Rock Band Fender Squier Thread

For those of us interested in the nearly-not-fake Fender Squier guitar that is compatible with Rock Band 3 pro guitar mode…

Some confirmation from Harmonix folks today on the UK leg of their promotional tour:

‘We’re hoping to keep it as early 2011 as possible, but it’s sort of complicated. It’ll be worldwide in 2011; we’re hoping to ship as close to sim as possible. The quantities will be very limited at launch, because it’s close enough to a specialty item almost.’

“[The Squier is] more expensive than the Mustang… [and is] based on a $250 body, so it’ll be more than that. The idea is to keep it at entry level and keep it accessible in terms of price, but it’s also like a crazy piece of technology that does stupidly complicated things.”

  • looks like this will definitely get pushed to 2011 as I predicted
  • early quantities will be limited
  • probably $300+
  • also confirmed to require the platform specific midi adaptor device ~$40

my advice: if you abhor the horror of the plastic (immediately available on RB3 launch and much much cheaper) Mustang Pro, be patient and have $400 ready in early 2011.

I’m also a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle worried that this might end up being a bit finicky and experimental as a v1 product that is “stupidly complicated”. So there is, IMHO, a very real risk you’d pay $400 for something that might have some significant v1 product teething problems.

I’m just sayin’…

The “regular” Pro Guitar is still available at launch though?

Yes, as wumpus mentioned “the plastic (immediately available on RB3 launch and much much cheaper) Mustang Pro” in the second paragraph.

Sadness to the announcement that it’s going to be early 2011. The Mustang didn’t sound that hot from the hands-on preview and comparison with the Squier that was linked in the main RB3 thread. I’m wondering how well getting used to playing on it would translate to Squier usage later.

I guess the implicit question there that I guess wasn’t explicit enough for you was whether or not the Mustang was the “normal” pro mode guitar or a plastic version of the one with strings.


The Mustang didn’t sound that hot from the hands-on preview

All the hands-on previews to date have been quite terrible IMHO, and what I read into that particular preview was “real guitars with real strings RULE SO HARD over plastic ones with buttons!!”

Which, um, was never in debate.

I’d like to see more previews from people with actual experience in and knowledge of the fake plastic rock genre versus the standard IGN / Kotaku 24 hour CNN style non-stop all game coverage jamboree.

We don’t have nearly enough data to conclude anything at all, yet.

So, where do I preorder? :)

Yeah, I might come to regret it, but I’m down with version 1.0 hardware adoption for the Squier. Take my money, Harmonix.

Do we know for sure that, as seen in the pictures available thus far, the million-button guitar only has 17 frets? That would be strange, to say the least.

Wait… didn’t someone post an article in another rock band3 thread that said there were trying to keep the Fender price down in the ‘just above’ Mustang range? May have just been wishful thinking on my part. :(

I was assuming $300-400 dollars and a late 2010 release, so this isn’t too much of a blow.

here’s a pre-release alert signup page:


Signed up!

FYI, if you are 100% sure you will get the Fender guitar when released, you might as well pre-order this too:

Since it is confirmed that the guitar will require the Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 MIDI PRO adapter to work…

Just got this from Fender:

Price: $279.99
Preorder on 1/1/2011
Available on 3/1/2011

the real fender guitar for Rock Band 3 – now officially priced at $279.99

  • preorders begin Jan 1, 2011
  • available March 1, 2011


As someone who has played around with midi guitars and basses for years, all I can say is good luck. I have yet to play a midi guitar that tracked worth a damn.

The variability in peoples play styles make these things really tricky to set up right.

My understanding is that standard practice for a MIDI guitar is to analyze the output of the pickups – is that right? The Squier uses pressure sensors under the fretboard instead. Meaning it’s not going to transmit bends, vibrato or harmonics, but should transmit exactly what Rock Band grades on much more precisely than a standard MIDI guitar would.

This may have already been answered in the other RB3 thread, but is it possible to have the game display the pro guitar note charts without a pro guitar (either a Mustang or Squier)? What I’d like to do is turn on no fail mode and play along with one of my real guitars – is that possible without spending $$$ for another fake plastic guitar?