The Rock on Doom

(on the Daily Show tonight:)

“what made the video game pioneering - unapologetic violence - we did that. And then some!”

I have always liked this guy.

He is oddly charasmatic.

All you had to do was watch wrestling between 1998 and 2001 to see how awesomly charismatic the Rock is.

And his interview on the show was great. Seeing Stewart, the Doom super fan, holding the BFG (with a pen on his ear!) was a great image.

I gotta say that The Rock does a good job when it comes to promotion. Seems like he’ll go anywhere to get the word out. I’m guessing he learned that from Arnold and his Pro Wrestling roots.

I’ve been kind of surprised at the spoilers The Rock and others have been giving away. The movie isn’t exactly loaded with twists and turns, and some of the best moments are being undercut by the movie’s promotion. The audience on the Daily Show had a collective “whaa?” when The Rock broadcast one last night, as if to say “don’t tell us THAT!!”

Sluggo, are you getting tickets for free? I can’t be alone in waiting for this to come to DVD for a cheap rental.

I attended a screening a few weeks back.

I posted some comments in the Movies forum, as well as a short article about it last night. It’s not horrible, but nothing you need to rush out to see, either. You’ll be fine waiting to rent it.

Videogames had unapologetic violence long before DOOM… just took a while for the graphics to catch up.

Last year, when the Rock was promoting the Get Shorty sequel, he was on The Daily Show and made some comment, totally out of the blue, about “I know what it’s like being a strong, openly gay man trying to break into show business.” (His character in the movie)

<John Stewart with tilted head, audience totally silent>

“You heard me.”

I’m still not totally sure he was kidding. Either way, it was awesome.

He’s married. With a child. Not saying he couldn’t be gay, but if so he’s anything but open about it.

Have you seen his wife?

She could probably mop the floor with any three QT3 men at a time… Desslock excluded.

The Rock is married to Cleve Blakemore?

She’s got some delts on her, I’ll give her that.