The Rockford Files

Hi there, kids, just wanted to share something. For some reason I get the Chicago, IL. channel WGN on my cable, even though I’m in Los Angeles. They have decent shows here and there, so sometimes I leave it on in the background while I’m working from home. A few weeks ago, I had it on one night and The Rockford Files came on. Apparently they show it at 1 AM local time every weeknight, which is 11 PM my time.

This show started a year after I was born, in 1974, so I sometimes watched it with my folks when I was a kid, but never really understood what was going on. I caught it ocassionally in syndication in later years, and enjoyed it, but never got to really sit down and watch several episodes.

Lately, however, I’ve been watching it religously. The stories are excellent (for the most part), the acting is fabulous (especially James Garner), and I just love seeing what LA used to look like 30 years ago. The Rockford Files is turning into one of my favorite TV shows.

Anyway, that’s it. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this excellent TV show. Thanks. :)

And lest we forget, Rockford was the King of the Reverse U Turn. I’ve been catching episodes here and there…good stuff.

And hands up if you’ve ever tried to pull a “Rockford” in an empty parking lot :twisted:

Heh, yeah, there do seem to be quite a bit of car chases. ;)

Heh, didn’t everyone do that? When I used to go on tours with an old buddy of mine, he used to say “Rockford Files” whenever he whipped his car around in a parking lot. Of course, the fact that he drove a run-down 74 Custom 500 helped the illusion. ;-)

The theme music to the Rockford Files is unforgettable.

Magnum will never leave my top spot of P.I. shows.

Actually,Magnum is just Rockford with a nicer car and locale.Gotta love Rockford’s trailer,though.

I watched those as a kid as well. I also remember Garner’s version of Maverick fondly. Must check the TiVo for some of those classics.

Damned straight, Brutha. Funny thing, Tom Selleck played a P.I. on the Rockford Files a year or two before Magnum. ;) He was really funny.

Rockford Files actually did have a detective spin-off (sort of). Richie Brockelman, Private Eye was a TV series that had a short run based on a PI appearing in a couple of Rockford Files episodes.

You take that back! Magnum is cooler than Rockford! cries

Every P.I. show could be called similar. It all depends on what you grew up on.

No frigging way, man. Rockford is a zillion times cooler than Magnum in a good day. :P

You take that back! Magnum is cooler than Rockford! cries

Every P.I. show could be called similar. It all depends on what you grew up on.[/quote]

I liked both Magnum and Rockford,so no offense.:)

I agree that many quirky antihero P.I. shows have similarities to Rockford,Magnum just wore the influence most overtly.

Magnum PI looses points for taking place in the same TV universe as Murder She Wrote. I’ll never forget Magnum being cowed by that serial killer Jessica Fletcher.

Or being outsmarted by Simon & Simon. :lol:

Cracker was good too.

I would have never watched the Rockford Files if my dad had not sat me down and made we wtch it as a kid. Loved it.