The Rook

Couldnt find a thread on this. I know a number of us here have read Daniel O’Malley’s The Rook and some of us are even aware that there’s a series in production coming. What I wasn’t aware of is that its coming very soon. For those unfamiliar, its a supernatural based espionage story. The Rook premieres June 30th on Starz.

Someone should adapt Declare already…

Oh hey, I never heard about the series. I’ll be keeping an eye out for sure. And I even have Starz.

Based on how past Tim Powers adaptations have gone, they’d probably make it into a James Bond movie.

There were other Tim Powers adaptations?

They turned On Stranger Tides into a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Ah yes.

Well, my thinking on that was they paid him money for the option/name, because that was easier than litigating in court. They had a story idea that involved Blackbeard and the fountain of youth, so it was just easier. But I could be wrong.

Oh wow, I loved The Rook a fuckton. I keep wanting to read the second book, but not for $12.

The series is great. Both books (The Rook and Stiletto) are really good if you like urban fantasy.

I don’t know if there will be another book in the series however - both books are self contained, but book 2 didn’t have the usual cliffhanger/unfinished business trilogies tend to have. A 3rd book is definitely possible, but…

… mild spoiler for book 2 but they pretty much addressed all the “enemies” in book 2, and a new antagonist will be needed

I had no idea this was turning into a TV show! Definitely into this one. Only read the first book as the second wasn’t out yet, but I did enjoy it.

No, I’ve read (and love) the books. I meant I didn’t realize it was being adapted.

I am drawing a big blank on who would be able to do it properly.

Oooh… Emma Greenwell. She was fantastic in Shameless. I will definitely have a look at a series where she’s the principal actor.

Loved the books but that trailer didn’t exactly excite me. Will still give it a try of course.

I’m the opposite. Never got around to the books, but this looks great. Of course, I don’t have a frakking Starz subscription, so I guess paperback is where I’ll have to get my kicks. sigh

Happy to see Olivia Munn isn’t playing the protagonist. She can’t act.

I really liked her in Newsroom, but yeah, that role didn’t require that much of her and Sorkins dialogue carried her through it.

She worked out great in Newsroom, agreed. Another reason it worked is because she played a slightly neurotic and socially uncomfortable nerd, which if you want to be generous fit her acting.

So have people been watching? I’ve got mixed feelings. It’s pretty well made, but while my memory of the book is pretty fuzzy at this point I swear they’re making some huge departures and I’m not convinced necessarily to the good.

No, thanks for reminding me it’s out. Not sure when I will get to it though, I have a large backlog of stuff to watch right now.