The Room: Worse Movie Ever made?

So there is this really bad movie, that has become a sort of cult hit, even on the east coast, when it was a bad west coast film. Alec Baldwin talks about it in that clip! How big is it? Has anyone here seen it besides me?

I thought it was an entertaining experience, the crowds are kind of funny, I don’t see how one could enjoy it sober though and I’m puzzled at its popularity and that someone might go see it more than once. And this is from someone who knew one of the people in the film, which always makes things funnier.

And Grah: can’t edit titles, my apologies. for the Worst movie, Worst I say!

I can think of some movies that are even worser.

They’ve been doing midnight showings in LA for years now. Wiseau was a big enough star by 2006 that he was doing unannounced cameos in other people’s work (1:27).

I actually own this on DVD. Just watched it with friends last Friday, in fact.

Yes, it is pretty amazing.

I know Tim and Eric are trying to get or got Adult Swim to pick up Wiseau’s show.

Oh, hai thread!

No, the worst movie ever made is unquestionably “Eye of the Beholder”, starring Ewan McGregor and Ashley Judd.

Messy as it was, I quite liked Eye of the Beholder. I even own it on DVD. TRUE STORY!


“Rocky Horror” for a new generation?

From what I can tell, pretty much the same generation…

Terrible movies can be enjoyable :) I personally enjoyed that Dungeons and Dragons movie with Jeremy Irons XD

why? WHY??

I remember the cartoon, and was expecting something good.

How could you possibly hate this?

I really like how he opted to shoot the rooftop shots on greenscreen instead of on an actual rooftop.

Why, what’s appealing about that

I find it interesting, considering how uneconomical that choice is.

Maybe they couldn’t find long enough power cables?

It’s a lot more economical than getting an entire film crew and location to (re)shoot in San Francisco. Hilariously stupid, but more economical.

I’m pretty sure Wiseau actually did some shooting in SF, though.

It’s possible he did, but apparently couldn’t secure a roof, so they took a bunch of pictures from a roof in SF and used greenscreen on an LA roof to composite in the SF background “plates.” This is why the exact same scenery occasionally appears behind two different characters in the same scene, and why the apartment seems to look out on landmarks that cannot be seen simultaneously from the same vantage point.

Really, you haven’t seen The Room until you’ve seen it at one of the LA screenings. Great fun.