The Rundown

So, I went to see a sneak preview showing last night at the Metreon, and it’s a pretty fun flick. It’s pretty much your mindless action movie, but they do a great job on making the fights and stunts have real punch to 'em. They really make you wince when someone gets hit especially hard.

The plot is mostly in service of the action, but it’s never so dumb or contrived that it induces groans. The Rock proves to be a very likeable action hero with plenty of charisma, and delivers his lines well. It’s certainly a step up from The Scorpion King. Wakin does a pretty good job I guess…they don’t give him a whole lot to do, but he has one classic Walkin speech about the Tooth Fairy that really only works if you’re Christopher Walkin. :P

Long story short, if you’re in the mood for a pretty good action flick with nice stunts and fight scenes, it’s worth the price of admission.

I was at the same sneak preview and had a great time. Great comedic chemistry between the two leads, a few nice Walken moments, and some really stand-out action sequences, particularly the fights and some of the bone-breaking stunts. Good night out at the movies.

Damn. Now I’m gonna kick myself in the butt for not seeing the sneak peak.

I thought to myself, “The Rock? Stiffler? Jesus christ, not even the Walken Factor can save this movie.”

Y’know, I’m not into wrestling at all, but I kind of like The Rock. He just has this sort of sincere, good-natured quality about him, and exudes charisma. Can you say that a wrestler has a good-natured quality about him?

It’s kind of like Jackie Chan. I mean if he’s not kicking unholy ass, he just seems like such a nice reasonable fella.

(yes, I still think The Scorpion King was pretty bad)

I’d be perfectly happy to see The Rock be the next really big action star, and not Vin Diesel. I think Vin has some things going for him, and he needs to take some better roles, but it wouldn’t break my heart if his career up and disappeared. I think The Rock, if he’s smart with his career, has a lot of good action/comedy movies in him.

It looks like Midnight Run to me, which I loved watching over and over again as a kid.

It definitely has a very Midnight Run feel. It’s not as good, of course, but it’s definitely in the same vein.

BTW, take a look at the surprise cameo appearance at the beginning of the movie and tell me you think there’s a passing-of-the-torch moment going on.

Ebert and Roeper couldn’t say enough good things about this movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Two movies in a row that feature “sweet whipcracking action”!

Without spoiling, how was Rosario Dawson?

Is Rosario ever anything less than gorgeous?

Oh, you mean the acting. Who cares to notice that when she’s on screen?


I read an interview with the Rock where this is sepcifically addressed. He said that when they made it, it was just this friend of his, his buddy Arnold, who was doing a favor and making a little cameo because it’s funny and because Arnold has been there, done that (The Rock’s entire upcoming career).

But then he said when he saw the finished movie, and was watching it with others, he can totally see how people would take that away from it. And maybe it actually will end up being that way - a passing of the torch.

Uh, please don’t quote those guys anymore – Matchstick “Masterpiece” Men. Those guys couldn’t be less credible – Roeper “hack” nevergood, has dragged Ebert “hasbeen” down to the bottom tier of the abyss as movie “watchers” (there’s no fucking way in hell they’re “critics”).

That said, Rundown looks good.