The Russia is getting more evil thread


Russian troll farms coordinating with far-right blogs to generate #FakeNews and further Trump’s attack on Mueller. Notice they are not RTs, but sent as original content. Yet, each tweet is identical. This is all cranked out by one Russian operator.

Russia arrests top opposition candidate for President. Gee, sounds like something trump wanted to do

Russia supplying oil to North Korea. Though they claim to not be official Russian government sanctioned ships, considering that nearly all the oil in Russia is part owned or managed by the gov’t or Putin’s “friends”, it is no doubt happening. One wonders if there are underground gas pipelines from Russia to DPRK and they’re saying they’re not supplying them when they’re sending them plenty. The Kim has plenty of personal money, and Russia doesn’t care where it gets money from.

Selling or giving weapons to the Taliban? Sure, why not Russia.


Once Trump conquers NK, those pipelines will belong to 'Murica! Who doesn’t want free oil? E.g. US will be diversifying its energy sources.


Wouldn’t in today’s satellite age running a pipeline to North Korea be pretty easy to spot?


Not if they built it in the 50’s.


True, and it may not be something thermal imaging would show.


The Russians, too, are extremely good at hiding stuff from even high-tech sensors. Been that way for decades. I imagine North Korea has been the beneficiary of some of that know-how too.


I’ve read speculation that Russians may have been the ones to speed along the North Korean missile program as it never could have progressed at the breakneck speed and sudden fixes for many of its flight problems.

Also, Russia trolling the US again.


Maybe Trump wasn’t taking their calls, and they were trying to get a message to him as a reminder.


Never forget the Americans who have chosen to side with the Russians.


Remember those supposed Donetsk freedom fighters in Eastern Ukraine? Russia emphatically denied any involvement even when the Russian BUK shot down an airliner.

Well guess what… supposed freedom fighting Donetskian citizen was actually a Russian General.




The ban comes amid Stalin’s renewed popularity in Russia. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, said last year that western countries were using the “excessive demonisation” of Stalin to attack Russia

You’ve got to be f*ing kidding me! You morons do realize Stalin killed MILLIONS of you Russians right? In fact Stalin killed MORE people than Hitler.


He’s always had people rooting for him. In the 90s I have a college professor in Moscow trying to tell me that Stalin did what he did in order to save the country


He was especially good at killing those close to him.


Well, it’s an authoritarian government of white people, deeply opposed to Muslims and gays. Add to that the appearance of a common enemy (American liberals), and I assume the GOP sees Russia as their soulmates.

By 2020, we’ll be lucky if we still own Alaska.


Boy, Sarah Palin won’t just be able to see Russia from her house…


You know what’s sad? I thought that statement was talking about the U.S. not Russia.


That might be true, but it doesn’t make it not evil. If Stalin hadn’t been successful, there would still have been “a” country there, even if a different one, with a different name or run by different people. The land and its people wouldn’t simply cease to exist.




Well, if Stalin had bungled badly enough in 41 and 42, I’m not sure the people would still be there.