The Russia is getting more evil thread

Yup, it’s super tough. :(

How about the omlette? I never got the courage to try that damn thing. It just looked and smelled so fucking horrible.

Horrible. There were about 6 things I could eat in a 12-pack of MREs. I lost a lot of weight in the proving test.

Beef Stew was the best. Chicken a la King had the same consistency and aroma of vomit.

Fortunately, I don’t think we had “omelettes” when I was in.

Chicken a la King was the absolute worse. You couldn’t even trade it for something else. Nobody wanted it.

Maybe, as a favor to Tom, we could take the MRE discussion here:

That is the kind of MRE where you eat the crackers and everything else and chuck the meal.

Chow on a surface ship during an extended WESTPAC can get really fuckin’ dire.

(My 90’s “software company” was named pusRo → after “Pusrocket” → after what hotdogs become after being reheated about 10 times)

MREs served at midrats were actually considered a treat

Wow, if Finland of all countries decided to become a NATO member, that would certainly stick a finger in Putin’s eye.

ISW’s campaign assessment for today is available:

map from the page:

I saw an interview with Digital transformation minister. He said the digital infrastructure of Ukraine is doing well despite the constant attacks. In the Western part of the country, you can still pay taxes,good to see the government what is important, :-).

They also have an offensive department and have recruited 120,000 hacker from around the world to go after Russia, he claims credit for shutting down the Russian stock market, and many ATMs.

weeee just catching up.

Re: nukes in Japan, it is a BFD, it is like someone who has PTSD with guns because the person was shot once, decide to get a gun for protection.

BUT, the nukes are to keep NORTH KOREANS at bay, not China. Yes those crazy mofos who tested missile while all this is going on, and nuclear armed too and hate Japan. They are the most unpredictable party in Asia. That also keeps China at bay is just icing on the cake.

Japan doesn’t need nukes to protect itself. JSDF (Japanese Self Defence Force) is the best armed and trained military in Asia. China has quantity but Japan has quality (no surprise there), but China is catching up in the last 10 years (no surprise there too). And Japan is directly supplied by US so JSDF gets the best toys. AND there is a security treaty between US and Japan so US will definitely aid Japan if it comes under attack.

Asian countries LIKE the US treaty, even China, because Japanese would have no excuse to build up military even more and act aggressively. Japanese imperialism in Asia was brutal and lasted for years, especially for Korea and Northern China, Japanese occupied for great many years before WW2.

So again, nuke in Japan is a BFD. It will alarm everybody in Asia.

I wish someone could fuck that convoy up before it gets to Kyiv. I keep picturing some US planes coming in and blowing it into shit even though I know that isn’t going to happen.

I think it’s been declared a tangent, and rightly so. Abe is just using the situation. It belongs in the China thread.

Also Tom is gonna paddle your butt, he said so himself.

It was said a while back, but China’s strategy is about gaining “ownership” of the South China Sea and enveloping Taiwan rather than any direct action. They swing such a massive stick economically they can afford to be cautious and nonmilitary.

Send a few Tomahawks at it from Poland but say, OMG those were apparently stolen by “bandits” and somehow directed at your convoy! Gee how awful!

Actually, serious question, are cruise missiles not effective for something like that and if they are, are they not among the materiel NATO is providing? Are they something that would require too long a training regimen?

The red part of the map keeps getting bigger. A good realist assessment from that page:

So what would happen if the Ukraine signed a treaty today with poland agreeing that, until the matter is resolved at a later date*, Ukraine would recognize poland’s pre-world war 2 border?

It’s a nice thought I’d love to see but that convoy is 17 miles long now! I can’t even begin to imagine how you destroy something so big. It’s like a moving city. It’s a campaign.

You don’t destroy something that massive with some air flybys. It would take literally months and thousands of sorties. I bet there are 50,000+ men in that scrum.

Also, in case we forget every 30th tank/iFV is an AA system. They would light up anything getting near that iron snake. No A-10s (or…Frogfoots? Or whatever is UKR ground attack now) would be able to hurt that column past the first couple of passes, Russian AA is one of their greatest strenghs since they have so much armor.