The Russia is getting more evil thread


They will just blame Obama.


SoP from Russia: Put out warrants on critics of Russia via Interpol to get them arrested.

Why Europe keeps letting them do that bullshit is beyond me.


And he’s been released now. To be fair to “Europe”, it’s Interpol that’s at fault here.


While one critic is being detained, another is being shot in the back 3 times on his doorstep, after going out to buy milk.

Mr Babchenko, 41, was found bleeding at the entrance to his block of flats by his wife and died in an ambulance.

After writing about a crashed Russian military plane in 2016, Mr Babchenko said he received death threats and left his home country.

He first moved to Prague and later to the Ukrainian capital. He was an outspoken critic of the Kremlin.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement: “We demand that the Ukrainian authorities make every effort to promptly investigate” the killing.

The ministry also offered condolences to Mr Babchenko’s family and friends.


The worst thing about this is that it’s very likely that not all of the assassinations are carried out under direct orders from the Russian state. We don’t see it in our media but Russia is descending into lawlessness day by day, mainly because the justice system has been dismantled. The corruption levels have gone beyond even the Communist era, the country is littered with ambitious mini-strongmen and their families who control entire regions with no regard for the law. The only thing keeping the federation together is the fear of Putin.


Interpol needs to just not actually involve Russia at all at this point.

Russia is, for all intents and purposes, run by the mafia.


The really scary thing here is the, oh, what, four or five thousand nukes Russia has? In a country that, if what folks are saying is true, is rapidly descending into a form of anarchy? I’m pretty sure the hard core of the state’s military and intelligence apparatus is still functioning well enough, and they can probably keep a lid on the crucial things, but at what point do we see something really, really bad happen?


Eh, I don’t think Russia is descending into anarchy. It’s an authoritarian state. I think Putin has a pretty solid grip on things.


So what happens in 2024?


Assuming he’s not dead, he becomes prime minister and installs a stooge as president until he runs again.


Yeah, we’ve already done this before. He’s not giving up power until he dies.




OK, the writers have jumped the shark here with this Bobby Ewing bullshit.


Hey now. No need to insult the mafia.


Um, that’s the plot of The Dark Knight. A Russian journalist tried to Jim Gordon someone?! This is amazing!


Just got footage in from the capture!


How do you think Kim Jong Un got his ICBMs?


I heard it was Ukraine, but eh, I don’t know, really. Wal*Mart?



Putin is fine.


Socmedia is a nightmare over Novichok because Corbyn and co are ardent Putinists, and his Director of Communications Seumas Milne (google him if you want to know what his Putin/USSR links are) has a WhatsApp group with all the Corbynista e-celebs and media like Rachael Swindon, Skwawkbox, Evolve Politics, The Canary etc and they’ve been directing (they borrowed a tactic from Milo/Gamergate) thousands of Corbynistas to abuse the living fuck out of anyone on the left or centre who blames Russia or Putin.

Similarly the right wing e-celebs like PJW/PrisonPlanet etc are towing much the same line over on their side.

If you want to know why the red-brown alliance are aligned on this

Here’s some of agitprop we are seeing from the Corbynista accounts.