The Russia is getting more evil thread


I’m sure someone else killed someone the Russians wanted dead using their weapon.


I’m pretty sure Putin spends a great deal of his day laughing at how gullible people are.


Mike is a an old school Labour MP and one of the better men in Labour, although soon to be deselected because he isn’t one of The Cult.

“skwawking” isn’t a coincidence.

Gawd knows what we would do if Corbyn is in power with these attacks going on. He’s spent 35 years working to one principle. Our enemies are his friends. The hard left aren’t even trying to hide their Putinism around Novichok but at least they are contained at the moment in The Opposition and are not in government.


So they found a small bottle of the stuff in dude’s house. The dude who is sick in the hospital and whose wife is dead. Crazy.


I had a feeling these two were involved since it made no sense why they’d be poisoned. Now the trick is, trace where their money was coming from and who got them the poison.

Tinfoil hat time however - two possible complications. Did his brother plant it in their house, exposing them to take the pressure off himself? Did the real agent do this to frame a seemingly innocent couple?

People involved in poisoning others, arson, or bomb making accidentally hurt/kill themselves quite often.


I think it is a little soon to assume they were behind the attack.


They were a couple of junkies who found a small bottle of powder in the park the Skripals were poisoned in


That makes a lot more sense.


Yeah looks like this is the biggest combination of the Darwin Award and Bad Luck yet.


Is that a theory or is that true?

@vyshka - you are absolutely right it is too soon to assume they were behind the attack. I was just throwing theories out as it’s quite shocking they found a bottle on an English couple.


Maybe they were just planning to go hang gliding but got careless with their gear?..


The dossiers, in particular, reportedly contained personal information about staff, including the types of women they were attracted to, their financial situation and whether they were susceptible to alcohol.

The OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine is the largest field operation in the history of the organization. Its main task is to observe the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russia rebels.

I’m sure this doesn’t have anything to do with anything.


Russians did it:


I talked to Putin, he said he didn’t do it. Also, he said he wouldn’t do it again. I believe him. - Trump probably.


I assume his denial was both strong AND very powerful!


Everyone does this. It was probably Chile.


Capsaicin is a poor substitute for Novichek, comrade.


Just to clear this up, it was more tragic than stupid.


Also. Trump has been doing stuff with Russians (KGB) going back to the Soviet block days. So, I’m sure Russia has TONS of stuff on him. Not just one or two things.


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