The Russia is getting more evil thread

Let’s light up your day with some classic Bond movie energy.

Belarusian ruler talks about helping Russia to capture land connection to Kaliningrad.

Well, he IS like a cut-rate Ernst Stavro Blofeld, ain’t he?

I mean, there may be some truth to this at least. Much to Putin’s chagrin when they meet, Lukashenko probably does spitz when on his knees.

Yeah, go ahead and try to take the Suwalki Gap.

It would be great if Russia sent all their tanks single file down a paved highway while they declared war on NATO. There are hogs idling their engines saying “Finally, at last, our time has come.”

I mean, at least the real Blofeld had a wicked cool cat. The Spitz…ok, it’s fine, but it says “I’m trying too hard.”

I honestly think he’s into this joke, and has been for many years.

Another fun thing - here he talked about terrorists trying to flee to Belarus but they were stopped there. This honestly makes much more sense compared to what Putin says about them trying to flee to Ukraine. Because fleeing to Ukraine meant crossing the frontline.

People getting wound up about the State Department saying we don’t encourage and support hitting targets in Russia is stupid. As they mention that has been the public statement since the beginning, along with other nations. They started hitting targets in Russia by at least late 2022, and yet aid continued to flow the whole time they’ve been doing it, even now to a much lesser degree while the GOP are being assholes. So nothing has changed with this latest public statement, but people are going ape shit about it.

Edit: I should add I think making the statement is bad optics, and generates a lot of ill will, but it changes nothing and we haven’t decided that we don’t want Ukraine to win.

More of this please.

*probably downed by Russian anti-air defenses

There was a YouTube video of a Russian plane, forget which type, allegedly downing itself by hitting power lines.

Headline: “Russian Air Forces Make Strides Towards Greater Efficiency”

A week later the people accused of terrorism “confessed” they were going to be paid in Kyiv.

ISIS is probably very offended by all this. It’s a biggest terrorist attack in Europe since god knows when, even if the nature of Russian state did most of the job. And Russia insists it’s Biden and Zelensky.

We’ll see:

France sending hundreds of armored vehicles and 78 artillery pieces:

A disastrous Russian armored assault:

Regardless of the macro situation, at the tactical level the Russian performance still seems quite dismal. In WWII, by 1943, certainly 1944, the Red Army had really learned a lot of lessons and was making relatively well-coordinated and effective combined arms attacks more often than not. Here, not so much.

One big difference has to be the inability to retain cadres of experienced troops, coupled with the near total absence of any way to encourage, promote, and support good tactical leadership. And of course a logistical system that seems to be at best all over the place in terms of capacity, and at worse is a total nightmare.

And just think; Russian battlefield performance has in some ways improved since the start of the war

I’m assuming “innovations” being that it will now be a loan like Trump wants

Ukraine drone strike of a Shahed factory 1200km into Russian territory. And by drone, I mean modified/remote controlled light aircraft…?!

Indeed, but the top story on this update is a good look at the current state of Russian tactics. They are trying to figure out something that works, but it seems we’re a long ways away from either side breaking the WW1 stalemate here. Rushing troops up in a golf cart to try to quickly grab and hold sections of a cratered battlefield like some kind of video game tactic really stuck out to me.